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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


Took delivery of this brand new product on Saturday only to find I'm one of many reporting that it has a fundamental problem. 


It disconnects from the Sub and both Rear speakers when it's turned off. Power cycling the Sub and the Rears will reconnect them but this is unacceptable in a product costing £1500.


Samsung, please respond and let us know that you're aware of this (unbelievable if you're not) and what action is necessary to make this product function correctly. Either a firmware update or an acknowledgement that we might have a faulty batch and require replacements. 


See this link for how widespread this has already become:


Please  respond. 



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Tried the INIT method Break told us. It worked great last night, a full evening without disconnect. This morning the issue was back again...


My experience with Samsung suport has been great by the way. I made a call appointment via Facebook Messenger and they will do a Remote Management over the internet to see whats happening in the soundbar. I will report back.


If the problem persists after this I will return my unit.


it would be better to bet on a n950 that has no problems. Maybe I prefer to have a little less performance than the sub, than to have a product that works once out of 10 as it should


mine is working without issues now, my problem with Xbox is xbox related and MS has to fix and implement Atmos upmix for other 5.1 content.


I did not have a singe connection issue over the last 2 weeks.

Purchased mine in Germany.

@NatFlenders wich version of firmware you have

@PauluzNL by the way the issue happen again so i called them back and told me to sent it to them maybe this unit defected .
I told them i'm not alone with this issue and its more globally so he told me he call level 2 support to see whats going on with this and let me know as soon as possible...
maybe firmware update can fix it or we have all batch of units broken so....

I have 1.006 (updating was the first thing I did when I received the soundbar)


I just spoke with Samsung and I have somewhat good news. 


I live in the Netherlands and the person at Samsung said that it is a known issue. He even stated that probably ALL Dutch Q90R soundbars have this problem and that new firmware is in the making as we speak.


He told me to check the Samsung site every day because he expected an firmware update within the week! This update will have to be installed via USB drive.


To be continued guys!


Just spoke to level 2 Samsung Australia support (Andrew).  According to him I was the first person to report this issue to level 2 for Australia and they do not have any record of this being an issue with this product.  Someone is not being thruthful here.  He said wasn't aware of any planned firmware update.  I said that the matter had been reporetd on the Samsung website.  Who do you need to spek to in Samsung to get to the bottom of this issue. Tech support are no help as they deny there being an issue even though it appears on several av forums globally.  


I have given up on contacting Samsung customer support & I have instead contacted the retailer with regards to the issue & also explained the situation with customer support & the global issue that they are denying.
The retailer is going to contact their Samsung Rep in an effort to get this sorted out.
Australian Consumer laws provide that if an item purchased is not significantly as described, then it can be returned for replacement or refund.


I hope so i'm refreshing Us samsung page every day .


I'm in the US. I have just sent my unit back to Samsung service department for the second time today. Last week they sent it back and stated it was working properly. Ha ha.  Samsung support doesn't acknowledge that this is a major problem. They insist that I send it back for service.  I dont expect they will resolve the issue this time either. At least Sammy is covering the shipping cost for me.  If it's not fixed this time, I plan on insisting on a replacement, but the odds are about 50/50 the replacement unit will have the same issue. I sure wish they would get it worked out. This is a major flop on Samsunfs part. 

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