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HW-Q70T no sound from soundbar

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Hello - I have Samsung Q90 LED tv and a HW-Q70T sound bar. The sound bar worked fine until yesterday but now I’m not getting any sound. I tried restarting, unplugging and plugging it back, changing the output format in settings to ‘PCM’ but still same issue. Does anyone faced similar issues? It’s connected via HDMI ARC to TV

Hi @Krishna2 


Did you mange to get this connected?

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@ChrisM - nope, I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. 

Assuming there's power getting to the unit, are you able to try a different HDMI cable to see if that makes any difference?

Have tried multiple cables and tried changing output format to PCM as well. Still same issue

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Maybe it connects to something else like a bt device you have setup or earphones... otherwise i would deconnect the powerstrip and wait a minute and reconnect... i had a similar thing and it helped

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