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HW-MS650 Soundbar Smart Mode Buzzing/Distortion

(Topic created on: 09-10-2018 09:18 AM)

Hi all,

I am looking for a bit of advice. I have the above soundbar and I have noticed that on the odd occasion there is a buzzing/distortion in certain situations when using Smart Mode.


My current set-up is MS650 paired with W700 sub woofer. Optical cable into the TV.


I should note at this point that the issue has happened before I got the sub and I was also using HDMI ARC back then.


As far as examples go I can only give two:


  1. The very first time I noticed it (before sub and HDMI ARC). This was during the PS4 Firewatch dynamic theme, the buzzing/distortion occurred during the music that plays in the background. 
  2. The second and most recent example, and one that has been easy to replicate was during Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9 at around 52:10 when Mike walks into a room and picks up some papers (In case you decide to try it out, I should warn you that there are slight spoilers around this scene if you watch too much of it).

Volume I usually have between 20 and 30 so nothing too over the top there. Bass and Treble set to 0.  DRC is off and firmware is up to date.


These occasions are few and far between really so it's not an issue that ruins the experience, but it would be nice to hear if anyone has experienced this or has any potential solutions as I'm running out of ideas. The obvious answer would be to just use standard mode but I do like the trade off with Smart Mode with having a slightly processed sound for the massive boost in clarity.


Many thanks,



Quick update:


Just done some more testing and I have found that the buzzing disappears if I drop the volume below 20 which makes me think that the distortion cancelling tech must be being a touch aggressive.  This is quite surprising given the volume can go to 100.  I would have expected this to happen at the higher end of the spectrum.