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HW-M450 Soundbar suddenly no sound

(Topic created on: 07-10-2019 04:35 PM)
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Curious if anyone has run into a similar situation.  I have a Samsung Soundbar HW-450 that recently stopped working.  Sound comes from TV Speaker, but nothing from the Soundbar.  The Soundbar itself powers on properly.  My configuration is to the ARC port on the TV via HDMI.  Steps I have tried to fix are:


- Turned Anynet off/on on the Soundbar, and ensure Anynet is enabled on TV.

- Ensured that the Soundbar is on DVI setting

- Went to TV audio settings and changed to receiver setting (failed Anynet check).  TV reverts back to TV Speaker and greys out the receiver option until I powercycle the TV.

- Went to anynet menu setting and performed a device search, TV shows receiver for a second but does not configure it

- Hard reset (hold +/-) on soundbar to no avail

- Moved soundbar to another TV and no sound there - volume control does control the soundbar.  Once I turn off soundbar then TV speaker works

- Tried using Bluetooth configuration but TV does not detect the soundbar

- Switched to a different HDMI cable to no avail

- Left unlplugged for a night and still nothing


Anything I may be missing in troubleshooting why this suddenly stopped working after 2 years?



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QuestionII connected to Samsung UN65MU9000 TV.  The soundbar worked for one day.  Now no sound. Soundbar says tv arc.  Volume up/down works with cable and tv remote and shows on screen, but no sound.  On/Off button on soundbar AND the remote do not function. Mute button on soundbar remote does not appear to function either.  TV is set to HDMI Any+. I've tried turning that on/off but no diff. I tried the power off suggestion and now I get sound, but I cannot change the volume with my cable remote, TV remote OR the soundbar remote.  On screen display says "soundbar" when volume button pushed on TV and Cable remote, but no affect to actual sound and no onscreen display with soundbar remote.    Soundbar remote still does not work for on/off, volume up/down or mute. 

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Thanks for the info. I had tried everything until I saw your post. Turning the power off for a few minutes fixed it. It's funny how a lot of computer problems can be fixed this way.