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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Hi Monkfish

I agree with the going round in circles bit but not with the rest of your post (speaking respectfully).

I believe we have made some large steps over the months towards a fix and we are the closest we have been to this; samsung have passed this to their senior management at head office for review and are still communicating on the issues with internal escalation.

I am not sure if this will come to anything but I have to drive this forwards on all fronts to be in with any chance of succeeding. I am steadily receiving more and more email addresses which will no doubt increase any success in gaining interest from trading standards and media groups.

I and others have succeeded in gaining numerous firmware updates so far (not entirely successful I admit), so I am not sure where the surity comes from with respect to further firmware updates.

I am as frustrated as anyone on here but I need to remain positive regardless of Samsung's previous response, and await their next response hoping this confirms further investment in a solution.


Looks good, and I understand your position of collaboration.


Just make sure to tell us when your BBC interview will be aired. :smiling-face: 

Believe it or not I habe been on watchdog a few years ago; it was a fight with Curry's at the time when my laptop went missing after a repair.

I won and got a full refund at purchase price and my laptop back....... Eventually.

I will find the video on post it on u tube :smiling-face:
Have a look here lol........ I am Mr Hickey in point 5 and Rob in other sections............. I can't find the video at the moment but will eventually
Curry's even offered to pay me not to appear on Watchdog and also choose a top of the line laptop from their shop......... I turned this down....... Appeared on the programme and then asked for a refund.
Mr.Hickey or Rob!! Keep up the pressure on behalf of us all. From me personally, I appreciate all your efforts in trying for a successful resolution. One I think we will achieve. Eventually!!

@Robbienobs wrote:

I habe sent this to samsung in response to their email regarding CEO contact for what it's worth:


Dear Kirsty,

Thanks for your email regarding the direction of my correspondence; unfortunately the issue I have is that when I concentrate my efforts on communication through the correct channels, it has finally come to nothing but denial from Samsung that any issues remain,and that basically its good enough.

I am still hoping your senior management team see that there needs to be some additional investment in getting the firmware where it should be, and show its customers some real commitment to quality with resolving these faults.

I am in the process of communicating with the BBC's Watchdog programme including all of the email addresses of other who will corroborate the issues and Samsung's handling of the faults with their firmware updates. I would rather not spend additional time in doing this as I have spent hours upon hours writing, testing and posting to attempt to get a fix.

I have also found that when I purchased the Samsung soundbar and R1's, this was first advertised this as fully wifi capable with the tv that I have (2016 K Series), but now the way the product is advertised by samsung has been amended; I have screen shots from the Samsung products pages as evidence of this from last year. Samsung have quiet cleverly added the generic term "Cable connection required from Soundbar to TV to receive 5.1 surround sound".

This is due to be communicated to Trading Standards tomorrow to include this change in advertising and also the issue that Samsung appear to want to not include the firmware as part of the product, resulting in what can only been viewed as a breach of Samsung's Warrantee that clearly states you will either repair or replace the faulty product.

Samsung are basically now just arguing symantics as no matter who views the evidence in hand, the product is obviously faulty and not operating as advertised at the time of purchase; the firmware is clearly part of the product itself and as such must be included in the warranty. Furthermore your service partners confirmed the issues are present and agreed fully that it was not operating as it should, only for Samsung to then change this guys report to suit their own ends; this end would be to constantly deny that the product is faulty.

I will say that the only part of this whole episode I am vaguely happy with is your communications, albeit limited by input from the various teams involved (and senior management I would imagine).

Your own website states that "Quality Assurance" will "Surpass all Expectations".
"Samsung ensures the consistent delivery of excellence based on an effective quality management system that guarantees our products and services, beyond customer expectations".

I repeat "beyond customer expectations" not good enough for Samsung!

Go to this link for quality statements

You should also point out that the user manual for the R1's clearly states (page 13 I think) that when setting up a 5.1 Wi-Fi system a cable is required for non-Samsung Tv's or pre 2016 Samsung models.   



Thanks Nick0, I will send another email and add this point. I will also add this to trading standard and watchdog communications.

Also I have noticed that Which also investigate this type of this so will approach them also.

I am hoping to strike a chord with reminding them of their own quality statements.

Samsung US are doing a BOGOF on the R1 speaker.

"Exclusive to one Radiant360 R1 speaker, and get a second speaker for FREE! Offer available while supplies last."


Stock dumping?


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