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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Thanks Bryantay, 


Yes I have noticed the volume issue in wifi/multichannel mode when using only soundbar; quality is back to as it should be but volume increases quickly on lower numbers. 


I have just tried TV Connect mode and have the same as yourself....... Volume levels are adjusted to be more user friendly as you said with good sound quality still. 


Didn't think of just deselecting the radiant speakers in TV settings instead of unplugging. 


Wow 7 months that's a long time! 


Just a thought Bryantay, 


When using the multichannel/WiFi with just soundbar, it seems as though the volume is working on the old 0 to 50 volume numbers but still displaying 0 to 100




Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.   As Ant said before, we asked our collegues to look into this as we didn't have first-hand experience with this set-up.  On the back of their initial reply, I wanted to have a play with the relevant kit and hear it for myself before commenting.  


Thankfully our engineering team had everything you have listed in their lab and invited me in this morning to go over it all with them.


I appreciate that some of you have spent more time on this than others.  However, in an effort to help answer the original post, and hopefully the ones that follow, I have started from the top.


The first thing we did was to just connect the Sound bar to the TV using WiFi, this outputs the sound in Stereo with low Dynamic range.   In order to get the Dynamic range available with Dolby Digital we had changed the option to Soundbar & Surround adding 2 Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom Speakers as rears: Menu – Sound – Expert Settings – Wireless Speaker Manager.  This opens up the centre channel and adds that Dynamic range.


As you know, with the Samsung Multiroom App you can use your wireless speakers to add two rear channels and a surround sound effect.   This set-up does not utilise the Dolby Digital; instead the soundbars audio processor creates a surround sound field.  As it is processed in a different way, it inevitably sounds different from the Dolby Digital mix.


Which options sounds better is obviously subjective, however I can confirm that there is a difference with the two set-ups, born from the two different processes. 


Not sure if this answers everything, but hopefully it helps to establish what should be happening.







Thanks for your response although it verges on stating there is 3not an issue with the firmware. 


I have connected mine exactly as you have suggested; with and without PCM/Bit stream options, with and without dolby surround options selected through the TV menu, and with both rear speakers selected in Soundbar & Surround adding 2 Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom Speakers as suggested.


As soon as you add the radiant speakers all sound options other than basic sub woofer levels dissappear, and the sound is dreadful; and I will add I personally believe this has nothing to do with the dolby signal, but it's connected with the fact that all manual sound mode options are disabled in surround mode falling back to a default preset by firmware. As soon as you disconnect the rear speakers it's great again but this is useless as it just doesn't do what you say it does! 


With rear speakers connected the overall level of volume is much much lower and the unit is just unusable; speech cannot be heard, there is way too much bass at low levels and none at high levels. 

When the rear speakers are disconnected you can change all the settings whether it be dolby or otherwise and sound quality is still great. 


Myself and others have pointed out the problems on this thread many times. 


The sound quality is awful and this is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes; myself and many others have been dealing with this for months and months with no action and your basically stating this is the first time they have been confronted with this issue!! I was told three months ago this would be looked into and its clear it hasn't. 


This issue was not present out the box when new but is the result of a firmware update; I would say just roll the firmware back to avoid this issue but I would rather not have the wifi dropout issue again! 


This is not a matter of preference this is a matter of the default sound settings in surround mode being completely useless and incorrect for any type of use, and as this is set by the firmware and cannot be manually overridden in surround mode, a firmware update is required to resolve, that either allows for manual adjustment of sound levels in surround mode, or a correction to the default levels. 


If you are saying this is how it's supposed to be then please advise how I return all this kit and get my money back. It simply doesn't work and what's frustrating is we are unable to speak with anyone on here or on the phone, who can actually make a difference; only messengers to people who can. 


Following my contact with the UK Samsung CEO, I have this morning received an email from the Customer Services Executive, stating this will be looked into fully with more contact to follow. 


Can I suggest one of your technicians either speaks directly with me or comes to my house and views the problems first hand that I and many others are suffering. 


I agree,


Installed all mine linked two wireless as surround to TV and sound was great. Watched the display on bar say UPDATING and the next day the sound while in surround with TV was horrible. 

Yes it was working before the firmware update, this is not setting or a format change. the sound out of the sound bar is so degraded it is unlistenable now.

Can I also add that there is exactly the same issue in the USA and is on the Samsung US forum; unfortunately I am unable to link to the US threads as these are quickly removed. 


Also the soundbar firmware we have is 3108 and for some reason your own web site (here and in US)  has stated for some months now that 3107 is currently the latest version??? 


Thanks for the detail, it really does help us to better explain the situation to the engineers and product teams.


While the Community is still relatively new, one of it's primary goals is to make it easier to listen, discuss and share your experiences.


I understand that this matter is a tad frustrating and that my previous reply perhaps just confirmed what many of you have already said; although it was useful to see and hear it for myself.


If you can bear with us a little while longer, we will continue to speak with our collegues and share feedback as soon as we get it. 








This is a big part of the point I am making; why can this not be escalated so I can speak with a Samsung engineer directly?? 


There is no ownership here of this issue by one person at Samsung. 


With all due respect I am glad it was useful for you having me summarise all this again, but I have done nothing but repeat this over and over on here and over the phone. 

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