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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Yeah, that's not annoying at all...


My wife hates using 2 remotes, so she always switches it to TV or Wi-Fi audio, so that would explain it.


In other news, I was messing with the TV audio settings again. I had it on Wi-Fi Multi Channel mode. Went into the expert audio settings. In Wireless Speaker Manager, I set Multiroom Link type to Suround, messed with the settings and put the R1's as Front Left and Right did audio test, etc. just screwing around then I hit cancel. I changed it back to Surround + 2 Channel and redid the configuration and I heard the rears, although soundbar was still a bit too loud. I adjusted the soundbar -6 and the rears +6 like we always did, and it actually sounded pretty balanced. I then loaded up Youtube (I know not 5.1, but it utilizes the rears well) and I could actually clearly hear the rears and they weren't being overpowered by the soundbar nearly as much, although the soundbar is still louder.


I will do more testing with an actual movie, but this has been the loudest they have been in this mode in a long time. Not as good as optical obviously, but was definitely improved from them being non-existant. Maybe this is nothing new to you guys, but I have not been messing with it for a while now.


Version info:



Thanks Abob


Any help you can offer with settings you have for these results would be a great help. 


Response below as promised from Samsung today; I have asked for confirmation of the Wetransfer she mentions:


"I acknowledge your request for Samsung to refund your products. However, I must advise that Samsung as the manufacturer rather than the retailer in this case would support through the technical advice and repair process we provide through the manufacturer warranty period and would not provide a refund of these goods.


Our position with regard to the operation of these products would remain as advised, in that through extensive testing the update has provided an adjustment to the volume levels through the speakers, and have been witnessed as working to specification.


If you wish to provide a short video clip showing that your specific grouping of products is not operating to specification, this can be provided via WeTransfer and taken into consideration through further review.


In reference to your assertion of a visit to our head office, I must again clarify that a visit would not give any further progress to this case, we would not be able to arrange a meeting with any staff and should you attend, you would be politely turned away by our security as we have explained on several occasions that public visits cannot be accommodated"


Not sure how I can show the volume difference between speakers on a video though. I have also asked for a technician to visit my house and ascertain what the issues are; this is surely not too much to ask. 

Has any one Tried this Solution

Think you can even group the speakers via the TV, and not even have to use the App at all

Hi Madtuts


Yes I have tried this........... Many times over time playing with both only app setup and only TV setup....... All with same results


Interestingly it states 5.1 only available when using the HW J8500/1 soundbar as per snapshot below. 



 abob36 has posted some interesting info and hopefully has some good results

Sorry just a quick edit..... When I say I have tried this before I have done a similar thing but my software looks very different to that on the video, and I have no reciever option to select.
Yea, that's for older models.

I will do my best to reproduce my results and get everything on video so that we can provide clear evidence of what we are experiencing.

That video answers my question (in a previous post) about whether other sound bars like HW J8500/1 work correctly with Radiants for 5.1 over WiFi, though the video doesn't actually demonstrate the resulting sound.  Were it so simple! The method shown is like one I tried last night. Athough I don't have the receiver option in Select Speaker, I couldn't get it to work using TV-ARC as input, rather than optical. 


I wonder if Samsung have compared the two soundbars side by side?   If they have and the results are the same, perhaps they could publish a step-by-step guide guaranteed to function correctly.


Just a thought but I have a mini OneConnect box. Could that be a factor adversely affecting connectivity?


For TV-ARC to work Anynet+ has to be turned on, on the TV and on the sound bar

to then connect a HDMI 2 cable between the ARC ports on the sound bar and TV

Then on the sound bar select the input D.IN and the TV will find your sound bar

once this has happened you can select receiver

and by using this method your Tv remote will control the sound bar 


hope this helps as it uses the D.IN




Thanks. I'll investigate this.
Quick edit
The HDMI cable has to be the latest standard
And once your TV find your sound bar D.IN will change to TV-ARC

As this uses the same input as a the optical, u might get the louder sound on the rears with the functionality of the TV been able to control the sound
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