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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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In a surround system test all speaks should output at the same volume. You can use a decibel metre to test this. You adjust all speakers to the same level. Job done. However, this is not currently possible at the moment over WiFi on this the rear speakers can't be adjusted high enough to keep up with the sound bar. The very fact that they are loud enough when using the optical work around tells us that it's still not right over WiFi. I have been using surround systems fir over 20 years now. I know from experience that this still.isnt fixed. I wonder if one of the moderators would like to comment on the latest outcome??? 



It may be of interest to note that the HW-J8500R/XU soundbar, advertised with the facility to utilise Radiant speakers as rear speakers has the requirement that "A cable connection is required from Soundbar to TV to receive 5.1 surround sound."   So my idea of changing my HW-K650 soundbar for another is a moot point.  


Is this perhaps why the commitment to get the WiFi option to work now seems to be dead in the water as far as Samsung are concerned.  I am going to try and find the e-manual for the HW-J8500R/XU to see if the implementation of 5.1 with Radiants is similar to the "optical workaround".  







I believe the reference to needing a cable is for non Samsung TV's as they do work with other set but without a WiFi option. The blurb fir the K650 also says about a cable. 



Personally this has taken enough of my life now and not willing to go any further with second rate fragmented customer service and disconnected technicians in Korea who obviously know best (sarcasm if you hadn't noticed).


I am now putting my energy into getting a full refund and Bailing out.......... Asked for a refund many times before and shortly after purchase with no luck, but hopefully I can get somewhere with this now given the evidence. 


I have said before that in my opinion this firmware is no where near ready for consumers to use in full wifi mode, and Samsung are better off just removing wifi/multichannel options for surround modes from the application and TV software until they resolve it............. And not forgetting to change their advertising to be clear on what it is actually capable of; interestingly I have noticed a couple of recent ammendments to this already since I purchased this kit, one of which stating that its surround sound ready with REAR wireless capabilities. 


I will post back any response from Samsung with regards to my last email but I think that's it now folks, either use it with an optical connection to TV (with lower volume) and two controls or go for a full refund or sell the kit and cut your losses; Korea has pulled rank over the UK technicians in my opinion. 


Moderators...................hmmm maybe I will save the suicidal post directed at them for another day! 

I understand your frustration as we all do no doubt. I think with your knowledge and experience of this issue, and a true stalwart for the cause, it would be a pity to lose you in our campaign to resolve this problem. I would like to see one of the moderators reply to this, with reference to this recent failed attempt to rectify the problem, and put our minds at ease that they have reported back to Samsung HQ on our behalf, at the communities disappointment. Sharing is Caring!!



Surely what im reading cannot be true!?! One of our finest brothers in arms backing out of the conquest! This thread is now over 50 pages..Samsung simply cannot ignore it. For aslong as the product doesnt work surely we will be entitled to a refund..


I think you are correct.  There is no mention of a cable being necessary for the HW-J8500R/XU in the user manual.  


Does anyone know if the HW-J8500R/XU works with R1's?


Anyway, I think I can live with the optical cable option as I will only use the 5.1 occasionally but I share the disappointment and frustration of others over the ineffectual progress to resolve the problem.  I'll probably give it a year then upgrade to something properly designed and more convenient to use.  

Guys many thanks for your kind words. I too have much to thank for others on this forum,  for finding workarounds and collectively becoming a force that Samsung could not ignore.......... For a time at least, and has certainly kept my sanity in place........ For a time. 


My feelings may change in the next few days regarding our fight,  if Samsung suddenly decide to do a u turn on their last confirmation, but I am starting to feel that this is as far as it will go and Korea are not taking this seriously; unfortunately all firmware updates come from them. 


I am going to keep my word with regards to visiting head office (hopefully this week), if only to say farewell to the customer service team, who I have spent more time communicating with over the last months than my with my children. 


The last email from Head office has really thrown me even after all these months; a completely callous tone with no apparent display of even a basic understanding for the issues we face, even after numerous detailed posts giving countless descriptions of faulty firmware. 


In some way I do think we have made some accomplished steps towards a fix, even though our only real solution has come from a workaround posted by users. 


I think I will go and watch Tron again.............. See if this can get me in the mood to continue the fight :winking-face: 

We will keep fighting on, brother!

In terms of the optical work-around, how are you guys getting it to save settings? It seems like everyday I have to re-create the surround group on the app. It works great via optical, just annoying having to set it up every time.

I find that when I change the source from the surround sound set up to TV Connect and back again to D-In, the surround sound is lost, having then to use the app.


If Surround Sound is lost and the soundbar is switched off while set to D-IN, on re-start the sound bar notifies D-IN and then Nework Connected but the surround sound does not activate auromatically.  I have to use the app to reconfigure it.


If the soundbar and TV are switched off while working in surround sound, then when both are switched back on, the soundbar displays in order, D-IN, Network Connected, D-IN (briefly), Multi Channel  and then surround sound is available.


So once set up, if you only switch on and off and alter nothing else, the surround sound seems to persist.

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