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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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I have a K650 and 2x R1 speakers alongside a 49KS7000


I did have the muffled sound issue but then the latest firmware seems to have solved this over the weekend.


Like many others here though I now can't really hear anything from the back speakers, even with their volume boosted!

Hi LeeS


We were due a follow up yesterday from your last message. Looks like rear speaker volume is an issue for all. 


Also I have noticed that I can no longer set speakers up in the tv's expert settings, as the wireless speaker manager option is greyed out......... Anyone else have this? 


Also getting some wifi connection issues; rear speakers not always linking when soundbar turned on by TV, and have to switch everything off and back on and regroup with app.............. Similar to connection issues I had out the box. Also rears are not going into standby when TV turned off even by next morning. 

Hi there -- new Samsung customer and ... same problem with HWK-650 and R1 Speaker combo as Surround 5.1 mode. Excellent description by "frustrated"  -- good choice of name too !


Like everyone else have tried hours of faffing about with the brand new 650 Soundbar/R1 Speaker pair/TV all with the latest software updates (25 Jan 17)  to try and achieve the advertised surround sound with the 360 Speakers all to no avail.   Kit list for reference:


Soundbar HW-K650 -- Software 3109

R1 Speakers WAM 1500 -- Software 3111 for both

TV UE55KS8000  -- Software 1160

IOS Multiroom App - Software 4042


In summary, the Soundbar has good quality sound for the price point when set up in either TV ARC mode or Wireless mode ,  connected in either "Soundbar" or "Soundbar+Surround" mode under TV Settings.  Multiroom App works well with the R1 Speakers grouped correctly as Surround Rear with Soundbar Front.


Speaker test works correctly "Front" / "Rear Right"/"Rear Left" at a good volume BUT as soon as the layout combination is saved, the R1 speaker volume collapses to almost zero.  That is the problem.


Soundbar remains correctly configured with good tone and volume - a change I gather since the most recent software update a few days ago.   Any attempt to increase the Rear R1 Speaker volume by using the top plate Volume buttons on either R1 unit results in ONLY changing the Soundbar volume with no effect at all on the R1's themselves.


Spoke to Samsung Tech at some length about this who were actually helpful and aware of the problem.  Tech even checked the TV Sound Settings were correctly configured by remote control from the Phillipines - spooky!  However Tech fix nil other than acknowledging the problem....


Assured that Samsung Tech were working on a software fix (another one..) to sort the problem out - no release date estimate....     Tech stated that the extent of the problem was becoming well known by them due to the large takeup of the current "£100 off for two Rx Speakers" promo with more people now complaining about it.  I suspect many (myself included) bought the Rx speaker pair just for the Surround Sound feature when coupled with a Samsung Soundbar.


So...  suggest don't waste any more of our time (after several 2am sessions..) in trying to resolve it -- but continue to hassle Samsung over the lack of Rx Surround Sound to hasten a solution.


And over to the Samsung "Community" Manager  LeeS -- what news from you ??


Regards etc...

Morning all..does anyone have any news? We were due an update from LeeS this time last week.

Still no update, its such a shame as the problem seems to simple i.e. a sound level issue on the rear speakers.


I still don't understand why when setting up 5.1 the speakers all work as expected for the test where the system states "front", "surround right", "surround left". It is only when the setting is saved the volume on the rears drops to a very low level.


Does anyone know if you can setup a 5.1 system using a HDMI (ARC) link between the TV and soundbar, or does it have to be wifi? I seem to only be able to setup a wifi 5.1 setup.



Many of us have it running over optical until the WiFi issue is sorted out. you have to use the soundbar remote for the volume but the sound is really good and rear channel volume is good  

I have been following this thread avidly in hope of a solution to this issue. I was so pleased 'out of the box' but very soon had the same issue as you all and thought i had done something wrong! I dont have the KS7000 but have the cheaper 2016 model the KU6400 in 65" but identiacl issues with the K650 and 2 x R1's via wifi 

My other issue is that i have tried optical cable workaround and cannot get the lip sync to be acceptable, taking it down to level zero is the closest I can get but its still not right.  (Amazon basics 3m toslink cable)  anyone else had this problem?

so i either have god lipsync and no rears or poor sync and half reasonable volume rears (soundbar minimum volume, rears set at max) 



I only have lip sync issues from my xbox one s when playing blu ray. however I think that's because there is currently no bit stream direct option and the processing the xbox does is causing the audio delay. I don't have this problem via any other source. 



It would be nice to have access to the sound delay settings when grouped in a surround configuration. currently it says it's not available. the audio delay settings on the TV don't give enough scope. I can only access delay settings on the soundbar when using the soundbar on its own.



Hi all. @LeeS is a bit tied up at the moment, but the latest on this is that our engineers are working on adjusting the volume variance you guys have reported, and are aiming to get a further update out later this month.


And again, great feedback, peeps - thanks! :smileyhappy: 

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