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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Response from Samsung received today; positives and negatives. Not sure how they can say this is not a fault as it's not doing what they have advertised and is only an issue since the firmware update! 


"Good afternoon Mr H****y, thank you for your patience while this matter has been discussed. Our AV specialists have advised that while the setup and sound production from these products when used together would not be considered a fault, they have taken your feedback and that of those within the Samsung online community into consideration and are working on a software update for sound adjustment in order to bring this more in line with our customers’ expectations.

While we do not have a specific date for this to be released, I hope that the assurance of your comments being taken on board and a resolution being provided will go some way toward restoring your confidence in your products.
Thank you for taking the time to raise this with us, I will of course provide updates as and when they are received"

My response to Customer Services Executive (SEUK) email today:


Good afternoon Kirsty,
I do not agree with this not being classed as a fault but do appreciate the further response and that this is being looked into regardless.
This is not a matter of expectation this is a matter of the equipment not doing what it's advertised to do, and that it did operate as advertised before the firmware update; the fault may not be inherent to the hardware itself but the firmware must be classed as faulty at the very least, which in itself is Samsung's product. 
I will give it a further calender month and then proceed as proposed to ensure this is resolved fully.

Translation--- "We don't think this is an issue. What everyone is hearing is normal and you all are just being way too picky. We may or may not make some adjustments in the future but thanks anyway for bringing this non-issue to our attention.”


Never again will I spend another $ on a Samsung product if I can help it.


Good riddance Samsung!


What email address did you send your query/complaint to?

I think that it may be interesting to email them a sound clip recorded with the soundbar and sub (3.1) and then the same clip with the two R1s added (5.1). We all know that the 3.1 works OK but the 5.1 setup is terrible. Surely we should get the same performance as 3.1 with the added benefit of the two rear speakers.

My guess would be if this sound clip was posted on youtube other customers in the US would confirm that this is what they are hearing.

At the moment the product is clearly faulty. Lets not forget in order for a product to be considered faulty it simply means that it does not meet the advertised performance specification. This can be due to any combination of hardware/ firmware or device interaction.

FYI According to the Samsung App on my phone my K650 is 3108.9/0335.0R and the R1's are 3111.1/180R and my setup is using HDMI (ARC) for the TV to K650 and wifi to add the R1's. I use the TV to setup the two rear speakers. All is Ok until I add the R1 rears, then the muffled/unusable sound is produced. Remove the R1 rears and all is OK again.

I can PM you the email address if you want it. 


Its for the CEO's office of escalations at their Head Office in UK. The email directly communicates with the most senior customer services people in the UK including the top man himself. 


Personally I think they know this is in fact a fault and we are currently argueing semantics with them; I think the email is constructed in this way intentionally with no commitment to admitting fault, to ensure they are not leaving themselves open to legal action of any sort; but at the same time confirming the issue is being looked into and will be resolved with an update in an attempt to quell the obvious disparity here (all be it based on a good will gesture on their part).  


I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now but if this is not resolved in a decent time frame, I will be re sharponing the pitch fork and marching on head office in protest. 




Can you PM me the email best served to deal with complaints? Absolute joke to sell a product on the basis of doing something that it cannot.




Hey everyone,


First thing, sorry about the relative radio silence.  It really isn’t our style to be quiet and certainly not how we want the Community to operate.  In an ideal world we would have been able to provide regular updates; from the time your collective feedback landed to the point where we could confirm the new firmware was available. 


That was the plan.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible this time.  Still, lots of lessons learned.


The good news is that this is not simply another (albeit long overdue) update but confirmation that the product team have engineered new firmware to address the volume issue you reported. 


Version 3109.1 is just going through some final checks before being made available on the product support page in the coming days.


It may have taken a little longer than we liked, but your feedback directly led to this firmware update; which is exactly how we would like the Community to operate.  Obviously that isn’t always going to be possible, but it is a positive start and very much a step in the right direction for our new Community’.


Thanks for your support and your paitence, both are greatly apprecited.




Fantastic Lee..fingers crossed it works! 



great news

I am excited to test this out! I do appreciate the community effort that went into this, but man, it should not be this difficult or take this long for a response and resolution. It was only because some here were being so persistent and patient that we are able to get this fixed.
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