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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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My Samsung sounds like a Yamaha in wifi mode.......... A 250cc with a broken tail pipe :smileylol:


Lmao. my girlfriend just caught me swapping between the WiFi and optical and started moaning about it. no more messing about with the sound system until tomorrow now 😞


Tell her to deal with it lol


It's been interesting to read about all these different approaches, to get the 5.1 surround sound working.


However, I am worried that all these posts are 'masking' the real issue. Samsung sell this Soundbar as having Wi-Fi multiroom capability, that can be used with their range of 360 speakers to give you true 5.1 surround sound.


I don't want to use Optical, having to reduce the Subwoofer levels all the time, or adjusting the volume, depending on if you're watching TV or another input source. I just want the product to do what it says on the packet!!


I have a new 49KS8000 TV. This Soundbar should work as advertised! Samsung have even produced a video telling us all how to set it up:


All I get is muffled, none existent sound from the Soundbar, as soon as the rear speakers attach. If I delete the rear channels, the sound comes back to the Soundbar. It can’t be rocket science for the Samsung Technical department to reproduce this fault?


Please Samsung, acknowledge the problem and get a fix in place, rather than accepting second rate workarounds and burying your head in sand….


Oh I totally agree and it doesn't seem like it would take much to fix it as it's just an EQ problem. with the sub turned down to -12 and the volume up at around 50 it sounds almost as good as over optical but still a bit to boomy.


I have exactly the same issue and have not been able to sort out the problem. 


My soundbar is using 3108 firmware, I note that the Samsung USB update firmware is 3107.1. I wonder if this is where the problem lies? Maybe Samsung released this firmware then realised that there was an issue and pulled it, by which time a lot of systems had applied the firmware update.


Does anyone know if you can "downgrade" firmware from 3108 to 3107.1?


At the moment I could technically still return the soundbar and R1's but don't really want to as the 3.1 performance is good. 


Just so everyone is in the loop........ The below is text from an email I have received from Samsung UK Head Office following communications with the Samsung UK CEO. Even though I don't agree with the term 'fix' used, it does appear to be a step in the right direction:

Good morning Mr ******, thank you for your email. I have spoken with our product specialists who have acknowledged this issue and provided assurance that this is being discussed and tested with our development teams, with a resolution expected to be provided by update once the issue has been diagnosed.

I understand from the communications on the forum that there is a temporary ‘fix’ which has been found and while I recognise that this is indeed temporary, I trust this will assist until this matter is fully resolved. I will continue to provide updates as they are received from our team.

Thank you for your continued patience throughout this enquiry


Thanks, Robbie!


No problem....... We will get there eventually :smileyhappy:


Do you have the email address that you contacted?


Maybe if several people request help it may speed the resolution to the problem. 



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