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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Peejay - do you get sub support on the discrete rear channel with the test files?


On my test with the Frauenhofer file the lack of center chanel support is very clear on the speech idents and is the same on the rear channels - the sub is only kicking in on front left and right


If I go to audio / expert settings / audio format and set this to PCM instead of dolby digital the sub supports all channels (but of course you dont get discrete rears) - this suggests that this is related to the dolby decoding.


What I am not sure of is whether this is an issue or a feature - it may be exactly how the system is designed to work - only time will tell if it is a problem on normal broadcast or DVD mterial...


Hi Guys, 


Wow, I'm blown away my initial tests this morning seem very promising indeed. 


It may be an idea for someone to confirm how to best set it all up to work with WiFi. It's been that long since customer support had talked me through the process that I'd almost forgotten myself, and believe you me they talked me through it a lot of times! I've selected PCM and Dolby, is that correct? It sounds great, but I just want to be sure I've done it correctly. 


Anyway I set it up this morning using the latest soundbar update.  I played The Revenant through my Samsung 4K player, I find the Indians attack just after the opening scenes on the fur traders is a good test for me and I must say it seems to be working even better than when set up using the optical workaround. The sound effects from the rears were truly impressive with drums, shots, horses, voices and screams heard clearly across all channels I felt truly immersed in the middle of the scene with the rears and soundbar at similar levels. 


Well done Robbienobs, this would not have been possible without your persistence and to everyone else who provided great support. 


Let's hope it all works when I switch it back on again later this evening! 





You need bitstream and dolby mate. 




Thanks Lee 👍


Can't wait to get home and test myself now........... Honestly, I thought this would be another failed fix, but extremely pleased it seems to be finally over :smileyhappy:



Hi Simon!

Yeah no sub support for rears but that's not a problem since they have their own woofers, and clearly receive the full spectrum.

Center channel however sounds like it goes through bass management but the signal never reaches the sub.

And about PCM. It still doesn't support center channels bass, it's just center bleeds to left and right, and that's why you hear it in the woofer. Same thing happens if you choose "Movie“ mode on the soundbar alone.

I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to dolby decoding, it's just something is wrong with active crossover in the soundbar.
From what Lee says it says looks like it's a hardware issue because not everyone is affected.

Get testing Robbie. Lol. As a side note I have turned off auto update on my TV just in case. Lol. 


Well, well!  I think we have or should I say Robbie has, achieved a result.   I have just listened to various test files from a USB stick source and the effect over WiFi certainly seems to be there as it was not before.  

It seems to work correctly from the TV’s wireless speaker manager consistently which will obviate the need to faff around with the multitroom app from a mobile device. For my home environment, setting the rears to 40% and the soundbar to 50% gives a satisfactory result with the test files.  I still need to set the correct audio format as Netflix seems to needs it set to PCM whereas the test file worked well in Dolby Digital


I’ll resist throwing my hat in the air for the moment until I’m truly convinced and the more knowledgable agree that it is fixed to an acceptable standard when viewing TV/BluRay content. I wonder if this will be the last software update for this system if we (users of the system) express satisfaction.


It does look like a huge thank you to Robbie is in order though.:smileyhappy:


Thanks Nick0 appreciate your words. 


I am glad I stuck at it now, as I was close at one point to throwing the towel in altogether some months back.


I have tested quickly and so far also getting good results with perfect surround sound, volume and quality and pretty much as I remembered when I first set this up out the box. I think the quality in wifi is far superior to that of the optical connection on both rears and soundbar......... I am also considering turning off auto updates on everything similar to Lee, but I am sure someone wrote once that they did this before, but it still updated regardless. 


I am hoping now considering the time spent by all parties on this, that samsung has learned from mistakes made and will test firmware updates more thoroughly prior to rollout, ensuring everything is compatible and without consequences. 


Now the firmware appears fixed they now need to do the same with their customer service and the non existent escalation of customer complaints...............especially those continuing for nearly a year. 




I hope you have the same results given your efforts to get the retailer involved recently. 



Apologies in advance for this long post...


Can someone please help me... I had everything set up and working perfectly yesterday. I set up surround group via WiFi in the app, setting the soundbar to minimum and the rears to maximum, run the test and all was good. 


Then I set up the speaker levels on the TV, same idea soundbar to minimum and the rears to max. I run the test and all was good so I saved the configuration. Then I went into the TV and selected soundbar and surround speakers for the sound output. I also selected Bits team and Dolby. I was able to control the volume via the TV and the screen displayed a surround setup. Volume went to 100 as a maximum and after about level 50 the rears really kicked in. It sounded awesome. 


So what's the problem? Well I switched on the TV this morning and it just went back to TV for sound. When I went into sound it only offered me TV, Bluetooth and Audio Out/Optical. The option to select soundbar and surround iwas not available. 


Then after about 5 minutes, the soundbar only came up as an option, after a further few minutes one of the surrounds popped up as selectable, then after a further few minutes the final surround was visible for selection. I can select each one individually and they all play (individually clearly) however the option to select as a group has gone! 


Does this mean I have to regroup them every time I switch my TV off or am I doing something wrong. 


OK so I went back into the multiroom app, all 3 speakers were visible so I grouped them in surround. 


I went back to the TV sound and selected soundbar and surround speakers as the sound output. 


The volume on my Samsung remote displayed the surround set up, however the volume from the rears was low again. 


I tried putting the volume up and down on the TV it displayed a volume change but it did not change, the volume stayed the same. 


Then the sound went back to TV and the only option I've got just now is TV speaker, one surround WiFi, Bluetooth and Optical. 


According to the multiroom app they are still grouped in Surround. When I run the test it works as surround through all 3 speakers albeit with lower volume on the rears and the soundbar loud. 


What am I doing wrong, I don't want to have to set up and regroup everytime I switch the TV on! 

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