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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Lol. And if it doesn't work this time round I will continue with the deadlock/Ombudsmen process and get us all a refund.

I have sent the below response to Samsung:
Dear Kirsty,

Many thanks for the update. I will put the deadlock letter on hold for a short period, but if I don't have any news of when this update is due for release soon I will have no choice but to proceed.

As discussed many times this has been going on for a very long time now, and I can't just continue to wait for an indefinite time for a firmware update that may fail to fix the faults, as has happened many times before now.

Once again thanks for your efforts.



Sounds promising... I hope it delivers so that you can put this time consuming project to bed!


I hope so too...... I will have to find something to do with all my spare time if it's resolved hehe

Ive left my setup with john lewis for the past 2 weeks for 'testing' - apparently there is a senior Samsung professional carrying out tests today

How did you get on with John Lewis? I bought my 55ks7000, 650 and R1's from them. Will we ever get this resolved?


Hi guys! 

I had my hands on HW-MS650 soundbar. In fact I have it plugged to my Ks8000 right now. 

Manual doesn't state so but R3's do give a surround sound with it just like with k650! Except the sound levels are actually good via WiFi. 


Out of the box rears aren't as loud as with our optical workaround, but with +6 on them in multiroom app it sounds great!!


The best thing is that every channel in this soundbar has its own woofer. The voice channel sounds great. Even if they fix sound levels for k650 I'm pretty sure they will never fix Subwoofer support for the center channel,and that's the biggest problem for me. 


I know I shouldn't give more money to samsung, but I think I'm gonna keep this one, and give k650 to my friend or my parents. 


So maybe if the shop won't give you your money back, try negotiating an exchange for MS 650. 


Also great job Robbie, you are the best! 




Hi Peejay84 


Thanks........ Good to hear you have found a solution but it's unfortunate that you've had to go buy another soundbar to find the solution. 


Personally if this latest firmware fix doesn't work I will go for a full refund of everything including rears, through the Ombudsmen service, and I am 100 percent positive it will be successful given the evidence we have............... And I am sure samsung know this as well, and that's the last thing they need as they will have to give everyone the same refund offer from that point and have intimated they don't want me to press on with this route. 


I have always been a bit blind with my brand loyalty but I think those days are gone for me now; it's a shame because in my view samsung do lead the way on affordable tech for the everyday person, with some very decent products but the customer support structure stinks to high heaven. 


Even now they cleverly play the symantics game by stating they are updating the firmware because of considering our feedback, not we think we have fixed the fault or just some basic honesty!  




Glad they are testing and the UK guys can see more evidence of the faults.............not just us against them either............... I truly believe that the UK Tech guys have reproduced this many times and agree it's not as advertised (let alone exceeding our expectations), but they have not had the ammunition to make Korea wake up and spend more time amending the firmware.


I would be very interested to hear the feedback though once complete, as again this will help with the letter of deadlock if the firmware fix doesn't succeed. 


As someone said previously another concern I have is that a further update to fix a totally unrelated fault, could land us back at square one at any point and we would be left starting over again with customer support.  


Maybe they would be best rewriting their quality statements........... Currently states "to exceed customer expectations"............... Maybe change this to "don't expect to have customers or expectations". 


The only kudos I would give samsung at this point is that they haven't removed this thread from their forum, which I was expecting by now, and the communication from Kirsty at head office in the UK. 


Again I have said this many times; it's all such a big shame and in my view this could have been resolved months and months ago with a simple fix, if there was decent communication between the people suffering the faults, and the people directly responsible for identifying solutions, and those responsible taking the reports seriously. Absolutely no escalation process. This had great performance out the box and it was really blow your clothes off type sound......... But that makes it all the more frustrating. 


I still haven't received a response from Samsung yet for being called a liar basically by their UK Head Office, following the engineers visit to my house and the engineers subsequent denial of fault................ Maybe they need to send their engineers on some symantics training as everyone else at Samsung seem to excel at that game! 




New update is available for the K650 version 3113 I am updating now. 


I can't bare the suspense! Fingers crossed....


Same here......... I am crossing everything

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