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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Hi Kevlar


I totally understand your lack of trust and confidence in samsung right now considering the period of time this has gone on for, and I too have the same feelings towards them, and I am finding it very difficult right now not to just cut my losses and move on. I may not be stating this in my posts but I have to remain constructive and try to keep this communication open to hopefully get this resolved once and for all. Any criticism at this point of discussion directed at Samsung would in my opinion, only hamper the efforts to get this looked at again.  


Thanks for your firmware versions and I will pass this info on including your notes regarding the software updates and inconsistency with what is on the web sites. 


In no way am I defending samsung but to make some sense of it, and from what I understand,  all testing of faults begins with the UK AV team (including for Samsung in the US) , and this is then passed to Korea as only they can write/issue the firmware updates needed. There have been some firmware updates since this was last asked for from me back in the day, so although this is frustrating to go over old ground, I believe its necessary at this point to move to another round with Korea. 


The UK teams first have to confirm the firmware versions so they can test on the same and hopefully get the same results, and I would imagine Korea would ask for this once the faults are reproduced and reports are sent (again my optimism may be misplaced :smiling-face: ). 


I fully believe at this point that it's Korea who issued the famous samsung response that it's effectively "good enough for them", and it's Korea no doubt that need convincing that additional efforts are required by the AV team. I would imagine that it's the same as any other large corporation I have worked for, with disjointed communication between what is effectively companies within companies. 


This would effectively be the last round of communication from me to samsung regarding fixing the faults, and then I will move to the issue of the "letter of deadlock" and 14 day notice of my contacting an ombudsmen; it seems after some research into this, many unhappy customers have some success with this approach even with the large corporations. 


If anything this last round of emails should just be another nail in the Samsung coffin if they try to flaunt these issues as anything other than genuine product faults (if we don't have a positive outcome) . 


But for now I am living in a land called hope.


It may be a blind existence, but for now personally I will give it one last go............. .....your welcome to join me on this next ride to solution land or jump off in frustration (totally understand but I hope you dont) ............. But I cannot predict at this point whether our final destination is a full and final fix, or a refund at the purchase price :)........... or even one large ceremonial bonfire with a large Samsung logo mounted on the top where you would normally find Guy Fawkes (just to clarify I mean burn the Samsung soundbar and not head office hehe :smiling-face: 


PS I agree the firmware update information is inconsistent but you can update to the latest manually for your TV model. I believe this is a US version so you need to go to the us site......... Appreciate it's not ideal and aapologise if I am asking you to suck eggs :smiling-face: 



im sorry to jump in and more than likely go over this again for you. In truth there is so much to read on here it was easier to go to the last post and ask.


i have a Samsung ks7000, the 650 sound bar which was fine. I took the plung ontwo r7 speakers 5 days ago and I'm having the same issue as everyone else. The rear r7 speakers in surround sound are so quiet they may as well not be there. I have done most things recommended by adjusting the speaker volume but it makes no difference. I haven't got the optical cable yet.


My question is should I keep the speakers or send them back to John Lewis? I can see what you have all been through on here, the lack of response and I'm not sure if I can see an end to this for you all. The r7's just cost me £700 together and I brought them for the surround sound system, not to blast music through them. Should I continue the fight with you or give up and wait for Samsung to pull there finger out?

Definitely return them. This issue likely will not be fixed for a very long time. If ever!!  Samsung has completely failed their customers here. 

I have to trick my X1 cable box to output a clean surround signal with the tv hdmi audio and format settings PCM.

 If I select PCM on the tvs hdmi audio settings the cable box wants to auto detect the tvs capabilities as 2.0. If I select bitstream the cable box auto detects dolby digital 5.1 but it doesnt sound very good.

 If I select bitstream on tvs hdmi audio select auto detect dolby digital 5.1 on the cable box audio settings then switch the tvs source to my bluray player, change tvs hdmi and audio format to PCM, switch back to cable box as source, voila, getting a clean surround output from cable box.

Dang, what a mess...

When switching source to bluray player, bluray player was playing star trek beyond outputting true hd through PCM.

Hi Ant993


I also would take them back as if I had the option right now I would do the same.


It would be handy though even if you return them if you could give me your tv, soundbar and rear speaker models and firmwares, as you have the r7's and not many so far has this set up, and this can further confirm it's also affected. 


I can then send this to samsung. Also if you do choose to join this this very long drawn out fight, that has no referee or final bell, no rules or fair fighting, plenty of below the belt shots from Samsung, with little principle or morals................... you can PM me an email address and I can issue this to samsung also. 

Hi, thanks all for your comments.


i think it's safe to say it's best I take them back, already spoken to John Lewis and they are happy to take them back. I have explained why and I will write a comment on the John Lewis website to. Maybe John Lewis will take note and put pressure on Samsung to do something to help its customers.  I had a further play around last night, the sound coming out of the r7 is so low that I have to put my ear right up next to it to hear it. As a Bluetooth speaker it's an excellent product though but it's not the reason I brought it, looks great to.


my setup is as follows


TV UE55KS7000 SW 1168

2x R7 WAM7500WWB SW 3112.5

HW-K650WWB SW 3111.2


Its a real shame, all the same manufacturer and they can't get it to work. I'm actually already thinking of getting rid of the sound bar now which I have owned for nearly a year. I want a full surround sound setup but it may better to use some that make this kind of setup there]or bread and butter.

Thanks Ant993

Alright, my ks8000 just updated itself to 1169.2, sadly no change in rear speaker levels. 


I did some additional testing and looks like when they'll  finally fix it (or if?) the issue will rear channels bleeding into fronts will be gone, as each you turn on your TV, Soundconnect recreates the surround group and disbands it when you turn your TV off :smiling-face: 


The last issue (and honestly the one that bothers me the most, because it directly impacts the sound of the whole set), is no subwoofer support for center channel with Dolby 5.1 (or even 3.1 with Soundbar alone). 


I'm reading Danny Philips Trustedreviews article about K650 and it clearly says All channels get active crossover. Later in the review he states "And thanks to the dedicated centre, Alexander Armstrong’s voice is clear and prominent, easily maintaining its audibility over the hubbub of a busy living room. It’s also underpinned by a subtle layer of bass". 


There's no bass at all with the current firmware, active crossover doest work for the center channel. 

So I guess that during the time of the review, everything was working and the lower frequencies from the center channel were send to the Sub properly like with L/R channel. 


I'm quite sure this will never be fixed, because it would require another 1000 posts campaign, like our thread here for Samsung to even acknowledge that there's an issue with it. I can deal with optical cable and 2 remotes, I can deal with recreating the surround group every time but this... This really makes me want to sell the whole thing... 

Oh and a little article from wiki how bass should be managed in 5.1 setups.


I'm now 100% sure that this is a bug and it's not intended. 

Robbie if you get another email from Samsung, could you please notify them about that in your reply? I really hope that the info they get from you goes straight to the team responsible for fixing our Soundbars firmware, and this might be the only chance at getting it fixed. 

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