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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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1168 (no new update available)



HW-K650WWB-3111.2 / 0338.0R


(2) R3's:

WAM3500WWB-3112.5 / 180R




Thanks again........ All been added. I am sending the email now but if you still want your details sent let me know. 


Hi DreamTallStart 


It looks like your on the latest versions for the soundbar and rear speakers. The decimal at the end is only viable in the first update page of the app. 

If you run the update check it removes the decimal. 


As for the tv samsung are stating the latest for your KS8 TV is 1169.2, so you will probably need to use the manual method like I and a few others have. Just make sure you are on the right samsung site for your country/TV before downloading. 


If you need more help doing this give me a shout. 

Thanks Bryantay 

Just sent a follow up email with your details also. 

On the subject of TV firmware there is an update for KS8000 on the US web site.
Just have to do a manual installation for some reason.

Hi all, 


Response below from Samsung to my email. 


Thank you for taking the time to compile this information Mr Hickey, this is very much appreciated. This has been provided directly to our AV team who are running tests presently. As always, as soon as further information has been received I will contact you to advise.

Nice. It's one of those things that you just want them to go. You know what. They are right and just get it fixed. 

Out of interest, can you post the list of TV's you got? Want to see how many KS's and how many JU's.



KU6300 1169

HW-K650/ZA soundbar 3111

2x R1's 3112

Thanks Scott, have sent your info to samsung. 

Here's my setup...

Tv = KS8000 F/W 1168 (TV shows no update available)
HW-K650 F/W 3111
2 x R1's F/W 3112

I've supplied these, although I'm failing to see the point of Samsung needing this info at this late stage in the process.
Although they seem to be showing a renewed interest, I don't see this request for firmware information as being a step forward, in fact it seems like a step backwards.
Even if we all had a different mish-mash of firmware up to the latest level it would just show that none of them work.
I understand that this would be something you would initially ask, to confirm that someone with a problem was on the latest firmware release. BUT ONLY IF THE LATEST FIRMWARE WAS A CURE TO THE PROBLEM.

Which leads on to the second flaw in this 'logic'... there is a newer firmware (1169.2 dated 27 Apr, 2017) available for my KS8000 (which I found out from this forum) but the TV reports that I'm on the latest level. So the firmware info I've just supplied will be incorrect when the TV decides to update (new firmware dated 6 days ago and still not found by TV) If it does'nt help with the surround problem hopefully it will cure some of the other problems with this TV.

The HW-K650 firmware download page shows the 'latest' firmware level as 3108.9 dated 15 Feb, 2017
The R1 firmware download page shows the 'latest' firmware level as 3111.1 dated 2 Mar, 2017

I think the people at Samsung must be sitting with their Gear VR headsets on coz they ain't coming up with any real world solutions.

Just saw Samsungs latest TV ad, an ostrich wearing a VR headset with the slogan #DoWhatYouCant. 

Now there's a motto for you to live up to instead of burying your head in the sand.


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