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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Appologies I have been extremely busy the last few days. Please bear with me and I will PM you the list ASAP.

Thanks for your help
JCFARROW PM sent with contacts you asked for including my own.

On another note I have been looking into consumer rights and if I do not receive a solution or a promise of a solution on Tuesday as stated by Samsung, I will issue a request for a "letter of deadlock".
Once I have sent this and they respond, I can contact an ombudsmen, and I am sure I have enough evidence to show I have done everything possible to resolve this.

Fingers crossed we will have a positive outcome this week, but if not I am readying myself for swift action and will direct this at their CEO level.

New email sent to Watchdog now with all the email addresses I have and hopefully this will gain some response.

I and JCFARROW are contacting Which and I am also contacting trading standards regarding the changes in advertising since these issues arose, and how this has misled customers to make purchase on false advertising of this kits capabilities.

From what I understand if samsung cannot repair the goods or replace with working goods, then we can all ask for a full refund of the purchase price.

This is why they will not openly admit there is a fault. The ombudsmen will make this decision for them following assessment of evidence.
Trading standard and Which now contacted with all email addresses supplied to them.
I have used the email thread I have from head office so they have instant record of the situation.

Lets see what happens.

@Robbienobs wrote:
Trading standard and Which now contacted with all email addresses supplied to them.
I have used the email thread I have from head office so they have instant record of the situation.

Lets see what happens.

Thanks for the update. :smileyhappy:


Robbie you are a hero! Without you we woudln't have done anything! this really sounds promising.


I'm a medical physicist and an engineer, and i don't really know much about sound engineering (except for playing a guitar in a few bands in a high school ;))


Samsung is hitting the medical sector really hard lately,they released their own CT's , medical ultrasounds and general diagnostic DR X-ray units. I mostly work in Quality Control, and lately two of my clients have bought their fully digital mutidiagnostic Samsung X-ray units. Both units were installed by an outsourced local dealer with a Samsung's certification. Both units are plaugued with horrible, horrible problems. 


Let's focus on one of those - it was installed a year ago. After a month, an x-ray collimator went haywire and it's x-ray field was larger in one direction by 3cm at 100cm (EU outdated norm states 3% of source skin distance) which is very problematic for technicians, especially with a child patients. Also all the recieved images at the doctor's diagnostic stations looked like they were "drawn with a pencil". Some of the doctors refused to diagnose those images (can't blame them). 


The local dealer's response was "everything is working according to the specifications (lol where did i hear that?)".  They couldn't set it right(both images and x-ray colimation). With that kind of a digital collimator technology everything should be set to 0% with like a millimeter deviations.


I took my time, downloaded the manual for that x-ray machine and set the collimation perfectly. It was all great until someone decided to reboot the machine :smiling-face: It went back to that 3cm deviation... (oh where did i see this ;)). 


Thank god the Chief of Medical Diagnostics of my client's company is as persistent as you Rob.  She was nagging them so hard that they actually send an engineer straight from Korea.

The engineer fixed the collimation issue and found out that the X-ray machine was sending a 14-bit signal and the diagnostic stations were recieveing a 12-bit signal. She fixed all the issues right away!  


Aaaand a week later an X-ray tube has died, a Toshiba ROTANODE unit - in my 9 year practice in this job i haven't seen a one die, they are the most resilent x- ray tubes on a market - granted they were properly installed, which the outsourced company obviously didn't do. 


I'm pretty sure the person who can fix our issue in 30 seconds is somewhere in Korea, and she/he has no idea that's even an issue because we're battling with customer support that is sending a pathetic passive aggresive e-mails to Rob 😞


Thanks Peejay84, 


Totally agree with regards to getting the right person involved fully............ I am sure that Samsung have seen this as a nuisance rather than something they really need to divert resources to.


I remember when I first reported the wifi issues when it was brand new. It would disconnect regularly and need continuous resets upon resets. The sound was amazing, extremely loud and more than equal to a few much more expensive units I have heard, which makes this all the more frustrating. 


I called the product specialists numerous times over a few weeks, and went through all the robotic responses asking me for resets, and to purchase a Samsung hub which didn't work, and that it was BT's routers fault and I should contact BT (which I did........ And they laughed). 


Then one day when I was starting to threaten to take it all back the firmware Suddenly updated and the connection issues where fixed.


I called Samsung about the sound issues I had and that the wifi issues where now resolved, and the guy openly said Samsung would not acknowledge/escalate the wifi connection problems unless there were a certain number of complaints from people, who have also gone through the robotic call centre circus of requests to reset and adjust settings interestingly. He confirmed that the firmware update was to fix the connectivity issues that Samsung were denying were even there at the time. 


That was when the latest bout of problems arose, and for me it was around September last year. I started on the phone hoping again enough people would call in and complain, but instead this time the issues seem to worsen every time a new update was made. I was even told that they had updated the firmware at one point because people where complaining the rear speakers were too loud. 


So I decided to either sell all this kit second hand and take a big loss or fight on the basis of principle more than anything, as up to thia point I had shown complete blindness in my brand loyalty, and always chose samsung for some reason. I have Sall samsung phones in my house, samsung Tvs, washing machines, watches and tabs............ I think now when any of these need replacing I will do a lot more market research into Samsung's performance compared to others. 


I did look at some reviews and product tests for this kit, just before I purchased, but this was at a time when most if not all of our current issues just weren't present. The reason for this......... The firmware was at a very early stage with just occasional wifi connection issues. 


It's interesting though on the subject of consumer rights, that we can involve an independent ombudsmen,  and eventually we could get a full refund once Samsung admit it's a fault and can't either fix or replace the units, albeit probably on a case by case drawn out process over another year I imagine, and would maybe only allow for a refund of the rear speakers..........................Still leaving us with a soundbar that doesn't produce decent 5.1 over wifi.


I think if this comes to the ombudsmen stage, the only two options open are to continue to fight or sell the kit once the rear speakers are refunded.


I might even give it to someone I don't like, hoping it plagues their life as it has mine (oops sorry that's the other Rob talking). 


Or I could give it to my solicitor as part payment towards the divorce I am steadily heading for, after spending so much time trying to fix three small black boxes attached to my walls............ The walls of the house that will be sold and split in half. 


I can't lie though......... If I was offered a refund I would accept and walk away in a flash. Doesn't sound like a hero now eh lol


 Maybe we could x ray the soundbar and see if it's something obvious hehe







''Samsung sees best quarterly profits in three years'' - bbc

Flogging c*** that doesnt work is paying!

Guys, below email from Samsung. I will check mine tonight but can each of you please confirm your firmware versions please. 

May also be useful to confirm tv model at this time also. I can then respond comprehensively rather than with just my own firmwares/tv model. 


Good afternoon Mr Hickey, I have run through our email trail and can see that the last confirmation of firmware for each product in the set up was 3111.2 for the sound bar, 3112.5 for the R1 speakers and I can see that according to our website the television received an update to 1169.2 at the end of April.
Can I confirm that these are correct and up to date presently? We can then ensure that all of the users reporting these issues are running the same updates, pinpoint the issue and move forward.

Thanks again for the update Robbie.


TV: UE55JU6800 - Software: T-HKMDEUC-1490.3


Soundbar: HW-K650WWB - Software: 3111.2


Surround x2: WAM1500WWB (R1) - Software: 3112.5



My tv is on 1168 everything else is current.

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