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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Email reply from Samsung Head Office UK below:


Dear Mr ******, I have requested confirmation of this from our AV department and will return to you shortly. I am also in receipt of your recent email to the office of the CEO of Samsung USA, and once again must advise that we are simply an administrative office with no facility to test products, and cannot accommodate customer visits.


Please be assured that I wish to resolve this as swiftly as you, and that our AV department are fully aware of your case and requests for resolution. I will come back to you the moment further information is received"

Hi all,


I have had the K650 sound bar and R1 speakers since Christmas. I have followed this thread with interest and even e-mailed Head Office to make a complaint about the Wi-Fi 5.1 not working.  Their response - "We'll let our technical team know".  Nearly 4 months later and still nothing!  Samsung of course are still selling the sound bar stating that it works as a 5.1 Wi-Fi surround system.  Its total miss selling. The system as it stands DOES NOT WORK.


The moderators on here never reply to any questions. When eventually they feel obliged to do so, (due to the sheer numbers of people complaining), all they say is "This was just a trial forum. We'll try to do better in the future".


Then everything goes quiet for another month or so!...


I don’t think Samsung realise how p’off everyone is. I think it’s appalling customer service.


I for one will be contacting BBC Watchdog and detailing all the problems we’ve been having.




Just received a further email from same:


"Dear Mr *****, upon a call with the Samsung AV test lab they have advised that this update to the speakers has solved the rear volume issue when tested. Following your confirmation that this has not addressed the issue, they are conducting further testing which I hope will yield positive results shortly.


I will of course continue to update as further information is received"


I would like to confirm that the latest update does not solve the rear volume issue for me. Even with the sound bar set to its lowest point and the rear channels set to their highest in the surround set up screen the rears are still way to quiet. I would add that when you run the test on the TV all volumes now sound ok even after the settings are saved. However, when you them play a test file such as the one we have used previously the sound on the rears is way too low.  Back to the optical work around again for a while. 




Just to let everyone know - I have contacted BBC Watch Dog (via their web page).

I suggest that everyone else does the same. The more people they have writing in, the more it will help.



Ive done the same. And will be contacting 'Which?' this afternoon.


Good luck guys. I'm happy with my Sony-alternative (referred to in my previous posts).


I'd love full wireless too, but if you have the chance, box it up, and take it back. For the same price, you can get a discrete 5.1 with wireless rears, rather than the soundbar. Massive difference. You still have to use an optical cable, but you never have to worry about diverging firmware again. 


Hoefully this post at least provides an unwanted advertisement, and further pressure for changes. 


Perspective and perception… it’s an interesting thing. Apologies in advance for the following “essay”, but I do feel the need to say something here.


As @LeeS said, we do feed info back to the relevant peeps at our end. Much as we’d love to have them for you guys, instant solutions aren’t always available – and then when you think you have something sorted, frustratingly it isn’t or a further complication arises. That’s certainly been my experience in working in tech support: some are quick and easy, some are not so much, and have you feeling like you're banging your head against a wall.


Early on I tried to take out the antagonistic sting out of this thread’s issue as I personally believe that, more often than not, synergistic relationships work better for all concerned. That view is shared by many at Samsung, and one of the primary reasons this Community was set up; and why I’m here on it (other than the pizza, of course). For technical issues like the one in this thread, I don’t think something like marching on offices or "naming and shaming" achieves anything useful, apart from alleviating frustration. I do think you guys reporting your experience with as much info you can give us about it, and us sending it over to the relevant product teams to see what they can do to improve stuff, is more beneficial for everyone, including those out there that haven’t taken the time to get in touch with us or for some reason are unable to do so. That's as much true for this thread's issue as any other ones on the boards here. But hey, maybe that’s just the way I roll. Bigger picture and “let’s work together to make a better world” type hippy stuff.


Also, with the moderators currently being the highest posters on the entire UK Community, I think it’s a tad unjust to accuse us of not answering stuff - even the not-so-simple queries. In truth, our role on the Community was supposed to be mainly one of regulation/admin with the odd response here and there to get conversations going or give encouragement/discouragement as needed, but we’ve decided to go beyond that initial remit and commit a large chunk of time and resource to participating. You folks don’t see it, but we’re constantly bothering people in other departments with queries.


Fully appreciate that it might feel as though we don't care or have forgotten about you though, but that really isn't the case, and the reason we don’t post as much in this thread is there’s nothing for us to say other than “Thanks! We've fed this back," or "It’s being worked on, guys” – which as some of you have said isn’t something you want to hear every day (and given how the thread turned early on, not something you folks would necessarily believe if put on a looped repeat).


I'm sure there will be a lot of people here that are happy you have responded Ant. And it is good. 


Though you may not have much new to say, "managing expectations" is something that all companies have to focus on - it can be more important that what you actually deliver. Toiling away in the backoffice is great, but perceptions are what matter. Who knows whats going on behind closed doors? The development teams may be continuing to develop their firmwares in isolation for example. Or perceived to. 


Even if there is not much news, I'm sure the guys here (visible and lurking) would be happy for weekly status updates - say on a Friday afternoon. 


That way you'll build your community, people will get behind you, the pitchforks will be in *less* demand, and expectations will be managed. 


(I may no longer have the k650, but I am a happy owner of other Samsung equipment, including a nice unsmart TV that I bought in 2007 and has gone strong for 10 years now.)


Dear AntS, 


Your entire hypothesis is relevant given good communication and timely action, neither of which Samsung have been able to participate in regardless of the form of media that the problems are reported in (forum, phone calls etc.......). 


I am happy with not receiving instant solutions and this was never an expectation,  but absolutely no communication apart from when cages are rattled is completely sub standard customer service. I am yet to be able to speak with anyone on the phone from Samsung directly regarding this, and the customer call centre product specialists cannot help......... All just playing pass the buck. 


I originally reported the issues to the call centre some time ago when the audio issue arose, and found that even though I was promised it was being looked into, when I called back after two months no one knew what I was on about! 


Yet again the only reason we now know that the recent update for the WAM's was supposed to deal with rear volume issues, is because I threatened to visit head office and your colleague at head office chased this up by phone and updated me (all in the space of 1 hour) , following up on my numerous emails to your senior customer support team and CEO. 


As I stated in my previous post this is not personal or aimed at individuals, but there is no sense of urgency at all on here or anywhere else in Samsung's customer service unless the issues are pushed to head office level! 


If your remit is just to make the odd post here and defend yourself when you feel offended, then can I suggest that a direct line of contact between us and your experts is opened up as per our numerous posts requesting such action; there is absolutely no ownership at Samsung with this issue which at the risk of repeating myself has been going on for some months. 


synergistic relationships are based on clear and timely communication! 


The only reason we have a temporary workaround at all is because people on here have helped each other, as a result of clear and timely communication. 


I believe the role of the generic moderator either needs to be completely changed to suit the needs of customers, or explicit indications posted on here that Moderators are here to do just that and only that........... Moderate....... Occasionally. 


Then there will be no confusion caused by customers having the wrong Perspective and perception! 


Please also remember that we are all just customers attempting to get what we paid for; I would love my money back and to return all this kit but unfortunately this is not possible. 


I have a full and concise diary of all communications and timings of responses both on here, by email and phone and will use this information to ensure if nothing else I have done my upmost to express my dissatisfaction in your customer service in general. 



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