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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Hi, will it please be possible to link the workaround via optical cable as I have not been able to locate it as there has been so many posts.  I don't even use my system as there is just so much feedback and distorted noise that I am ready to smash it into little pieces and post it back to Samsung...

I've just discovered something else this morning... 
When I turned on my TV this morning along with the sky Q box and left it... The volume on my rears was nice and high, the sounbar was lower. The system sounded great.... 
Then the instant I touched the volume on the sounbar it killed the volume to the rears. 
I switched everything off again and back on so that the rears were high again and the sounbar low again. 
I then touched the volume on the sounbar to bring it up from 22 to 23, and straight away the volume on the surround rears literally disappeared to a whisper. Then when I put the sounbar volume back down to 22, the volume on the rears did not return to their previous level. 
The volume on my soundbar is definitely causing problems for the system and seems to kill the volume on the rears! 



This looks like good news guys... We might be getting somewhere... 


I sent an email to the Samsung authorised repair centre A1TV in Edinburgh explaining all the problems I've had and what I've gone through to try and fix it (see my previous posts) 


They forwarded on my email to Samsung UK.


I've just received this email back from A1TV 15 minutes ago... 


We have had a reply from Matt Cobb there is a software update coming out for the M5 samsung will contact you direct

Kind Regards



I've asked for clarification on what the M5 is, I don't recognise the code... 


But I'm hopeful it will help us! 


Fingers crossed


Sounds good.. hopefully m5 is something to do with the problem we are having!


M5 appears to be a reference to the Shape M5 wireless audio speakers.   They possibley could referring to a different issue that effects those speakers.


Hope we are wrong and its actually an internal samsung code relating to the r1 360 speakers as per the 41 pages  of this thread..


Don't panic JCFARROW 


Samsung head office confirmed today there is still an update due for the R1's (or WAM's as they call them) to deal with volume issues and allow more volume adjustment , and just waiting for her to confirm when the update is likley to be released following her contact with tech team. 


Email states I will receive a confirmation hopefully a date is forthcoming and not another endless wait


This is the top of food chain in UK customer services.......... Presidents Office of Escalations. 


I will sleep well tonight!


Just trying to help bud  :winking-face: 

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