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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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With the soundbar connected via the optical and it plus the rears on the same (dedicated) wifi channel, I simply grouped them via the app. From the app the sound level of all three can be individually adjusted in the Surround Setup in the app. I see the rears marginally louder than the soundbar to balance the sound and it seems to work fine.




So if I've got this right DazzaP.... 


You grouped all your 3 speakers, soundbar and two R1s via your phone or tablet using the multiform app and the same WiFi connection. 


Instead of then selecting a streaming service as we would normally do at this point.... 


You then fed in the optical link straight from the TV/Connect unit into the sound bar. You are then controlling the levels of the individual speakers via the multiroom app?


I presume, you then  select the TV speaker and simply turn the sound off/mute it? 


Ok so if that's the case you hear the same sound in each speaker, it's not 5.1? And you also have the hassle of not being able to operate the volume directly from the TV remote control? 


But at least you can get some sound from the rear speakers! 


Well I'll go buy an optical cable and use this "frig" just now.... But this isn't a long term solution for me I'm afraid and certainly not how it was sold to me by the Samsung rep on the shop.... He told me I would have 3.1 with the soundbar and then 5.1 surround by adding the R1s, grouping them all together, setting up the speaker levels via the TV and then controlling it all via the volume on TV remote control..... I was sold! 


But it doesn't work that way just now, as you can't get any volume from the rears.... Only a whisper when your ears are pressed to them, step back 30 cm and you can't hear the effects.... Used as described in the shop and Samsungs website I'm afraid the "system" is currently useless for me. 

On the TV set the output to Optical and the input on the soundbar to D.IN. You will not get sound through the TV then.
Certainly when grouped in the app, as a surround system the sound is indeed 5.1, with different sound on all channels. With this the rear volume is fine, in fact I can put up the volume enough to drown out the soundbar.
The only current downsides for me are:
a) having to use the soundbar remote for volume
b) occasionally having to regroup the surround setup in the app

Neither of these are that significant and I believe that Samsung may still fix a) by allowing the same quality of input from HDMI that I'm currently getting via Optical.

Good luck.

With the optical cable I get 5.1 surround sound and loud rear speakers volume. Just not over wifi.


I just want to add that on the multiroom app there are two options for grouping. Make sure you use surround grouping. You will then get true 5.1 surround. If you just set up a normal group then the same sound will come out of all the speakers. 




I had been looking forward to hearing sound from my rears using the method described. But unfortunately the work around "frig" did not work for me. 


I believe I have connected everything up as suggested, but unfortunately I have exactly the same result, very low volume from the rears. 


I grouped all 3 speakers, the soundbar and the 2 R1s using the surround sound on the multiroom app. I dropped the rear speakers into their appropriate places via the app. Initially I set the sounbar volume and speakers all at maximum plus 6. 


I run the test from the app and I could hear the speaker test identification loud and clear. 


I then set The TV to optical and set up the sounbar To DIN and connected the optical cable from the connect output to the sounbar. 


Sound was clear from the sounbar and again very low from the rears. If I tried to increase the volume on a rear speaker it simply brought up the volume of the sounbar with no noticeable difference on the rears. I checked the app was still set up for rears on max and sounbar on minimum. 


I then ungrouped all the speakers and set the sound bar to minimum volume and the rears to maximum volume manually. I grouped them all again from the app using surround sound and set it all up again, this time setting the rears to plus 6 and the sounbar to minus 6 from the app. I run the test, "Rear Left"  and "Rear Right" very loud and as expected "Front" could not be heard during the test, so I set the sounbar very low from the remote and did the test again so that I could hardly Hear "Front" so I knew it was working and the Rears were both very loud during the test. 


I connected it all back up to The TV again via the optical and set the sounbar To DIN.... 


Initially no sound out from anything (I checked to see the main speaker via The TV was still set up To Optical out. It was). I had expected loud volume from the rears and nothing from the front. So I slowly increased the volume via the soundbar remote the volume on the sounbar started to rise and the volume on the rears rose very slowly but not inline with the sounbar, before I knew it the sounbar was loud with again virtually no sound from the rears! 


So it would appear that nothing I do gets volume from the rears. 


So I'll now send my email to customer Service UK explaining my problem. I'll see what they say. I'm going to take my R1s and sounbar into my local authorised Samsung repair centre in Edinburgh to see if they can get it to work through their Samsung TV.  


If that still doesn't work I'm going to get The Samsung sales rep in Curry's PCWorld World who sold me the system to connect up his two R1s And Sounbar in the shop to prove it works as he described it to me.... If that still doesn't work.... 


I'm afraid I'll have to admit defeat and return the 65" KS8000  TV, 4K UHD BluRay Player, HW-K 650 Sounbar And R1s as I bought it all as a home theatre package, that's how it was sold to me and I'm sick of the lack of knowledgeable  support I've had from Samsung. I've also spent more than 6 hours on the phone in total to 4 different Samsung trouble shooters in the Philippines to try and set it up and that doesn't include all the other time spent on here and fiddling myself and on the Internet trying to find a solution.... 


Meantime no help from Samsung... No light at the end of the tunnel.... No idea if a firmware update is coming and no one willing to help us. 


My partner thinks I'm mad.... She said... "It isn't working... How much more time are you going to waste on this?  Just take it all back for a refund and buy a system that works"....


I didn't have an answer for her, but neither could I argue with her simple solution! 



After a night to think,  I decided to run the same "frig" test this morning and discovered that when I initially group the speakers and run the test I can get the rears to overpower the sounbar if I have set the sounbar volume low (say 1) and the rears to maximum volume manually by tapping the plus volume symbol prior to grouping them.  When I group them using the surround function and I set the sound bar level to - 6 and the rears to +6 and then run the test the rears are identified loud and clear and the sounbar is barely audible. So far so good, but as soon as I click "Done" and then run the test again the volume on my rears have gone and the soundbar is still at the same sound level as before.  If I now increase the sounbar the volume on it rises but not in line with the rears, again the rears become very quickly overpowered by the soundbar. It would appear connecting my sounbar to the rears via the Grouping or sSurround grouping function automatically determines the volume of my rears whenever I Click "Done" in the app no matter what I do. The frig/botch does not work for me, it would appear I have additional problems with my system.  


Set up the two rears in stereo in the app. up the sound on both of them to Max. Then break the stereo setup and re create the surround sound.


I'm not really seeing how that would work Apprentice.


As soon as I unpair the two R1s from the app and then regroup them including the sounbar using the surround grouping I'd be back in the same position, unless I'm missing something here? 

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