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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


When using the K650 sound bar and two R1 Wireless speakers in surround sound mode over wifi with the latest firmware, The quailty of the sound K650 drops, sounds very muddy. As soon as you use the sound bar on it own, the sound bar improves. this is happening for a quite a few users.


can you help.

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Hi DazzaP,


I've seen it all now, my last post has been "modified" by the moderator to remove lots of my comments! It would seem Samsung will not allow you to be too honest on here. What should I have expected, its on a Samsung platform after all. 

I've heard about this "frig" or "botch" to try and get around the problem. However for me when I played the soundbar through the optical I wasn't convinced the sound quality was as good through the sound bar (that might just be me however). 
That's not however my main concern. If I buy a car for its benefits and features I do not then want to find myself having to wear a coat in the car because the heater doesn't work or flip flops and shorts and run with the windows down because the air conditioning doesn't work. Ie it is not working as advertised and sold. 
I didn't mean that to sound patronising, it's just me stating the facts. I bought the system because it could all be linked and operated together via the multiroom facility through the WiFi and with all the flexibility that goes with it. That's why I bought it over other systems. I didn't want wires I wanted a clean looking, organic/flexible system with good sound, good looks, easy to operation at a reasonable price..... The box and the Samsung sales man said... Yes! 
The reality however is that the system and it's unique selling points is simply not working as advertised. 
I think writing to Which as previously suggested is not a bad idea as I'm getting no where with Samsung. They seem to be sweeping this problem under the carpet. Why? Because most people will use the speakers as separates or through the multiroom app and for that it seems to work fine it just doesn't work through the TV as a 5.1 system as advertised. We are in the minority of users. Resources are perhaps being used in more "urgent and pressing" issues. 
It's such a shame as the sound, look and feel is excellent when used as previously described, but useless if used as a home theater 5.1 surround system. 
I live in hope that Samsung can come out with a firmware update soon. Alternatively I like many others will reluctantly have to admit defeat and return all the items to the shop.  
I just want a system that works as advertised, I can't afford to keep spending the time on it with my efforts falling on deaf ears. The problem is well known and well documented throughout the Internet
PS When I say "modified" I mean completely removed from the thread!

The frustration builds to breaking point!



I'm not sure you'll get 5.1 without a wired connection to the soundbar though. I think you have to use either an HDMI or optical to get that, which I think is mentioned in the Samsung blurb.


I agree though, it's far from perfect to release a product that doesn't work as expected and will certainly alienate some fans of the Samsung brand. I believe that the firmware will be fixed eventually...


So what about it Samsung mods? We're told the engineers are on the problem, do you have any indication of a date for delivery of a fix? This thread will run and run until the issues are ironed out....   ;o)

I want to know why samsung created this community but find it so hard to actually write anything on it! It would be nice to not be left in the dark

I agree with your comments JCFARROW,  as an interim fix it looks as though I'll need to use the "bodge"


I'll go out and buy an optical cable, in the meantime how did you set up your rear surround R1s to get the best out of them through the TV? 

In the meantime I'll use your suggested "frig" DazzaP

I'm now about to explain my problem to a Samsung authorised repair centre, they will pass my email onto Samsung customer care (UK). I will see what reply comes back and then add anything useful on here since the Samsung moderators do not seem to be able to keep us up to date with progress.

If I don't have any success that way I've decided I will then take my soundbar and R1s into the service and repair centre (I'm not about to pull a 65" TV off the wall and transport it) to see of they can get it to work through their Samsung 7000/8000 TV. If they can't get it to work, I'll get the Currys/PC World rep to use his 7000/8000 Hw-k650 and R1s in the shop to try and prove multiroom works through the TV.

If it still doesn't work and there's no firm date for a firmware update to provide a fix, reluctantly £3000 of Samsung gear will need to be returned I'm afraid.
With the soundbar connected via the optical and it plus the rears on the same (dedicated) wifi channel, I simply grouped them via the app. From the app the sound level of all three can be individually adjusted in the Surround Setup in the app. I see the rears marginally louder than the soundbar to balance the sound and it seems to work fine.

It's DazzaP, by the way... :oD
Sounds good - I eagerly await your feedback!!
Yes I noticed that after I hit send apologies DazzaP, I

will like many others on here, reluctantly grab my big coat, flip flops and shorts!

Thanks for the info, I'll set it up tonight as an interim "fix"
DazzaP - any chance of a quick run down on how I go about setting up this frig? I have optical cable at the ready.
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