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HW-930b Soundbar HDMI Out not displaying video

(Topic created on: 28-02-2023 02:31 PM)
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Hi all,

I recently picked up an Nvidia Shield Pro to watch my media on with a wider array of sound types. My TV, Samsung QN90B does not support DTS:X so to get around this I plugged my Nvidia Shield Pro into the HDMI Out port and a HDMI from the e-arc to the TV's e-arc.

It was working intermittently, I had the shield playing DTS:X for one movie. The next day I turned it on and swapped to the HDMI mode on the sound bar and got a recognised signal, but the screen was blank. I hard powered off my appliances (unplugged for 10 seconds) and after doing that a few times I got video again.

A couple days later I went to watch on the Shield Pro again and had the same blank screen, this time however I cannot get it to display.

I swapped out the HDMI cables, tinkered with settings on both the Shield Pro and tv and finally tried my Playstation 5 through the same port, I had sound but no video. I can hear myself navigating through the PS5 home screen but again with a blank screen.

Do I have a faulty unit or am I doing something wrong?