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Huge issues with C32HG7

(Topic created on: 25-11-2019 10:22 AM)
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My PC setup is as follows:

HP Omen Desktop 880-151no, Windows 10 Home Edition.

i7-8700 3.20GHz (six core)

Gtx 1060 3GB


Tampa2 motherboard (500w PSU)

Monitor setup: Samsung 32 c32hg70 (144 hdr)


I'm currently experiencing issues with the image quality of the desktop. At 144hz I see a lot of light white flickering when using programs like CCleaner or Sims 4. At 120 this issue first fixed itself, then it returned a day later with no difference at what the Hz is. The screen is mostly quite washed up looking - except when I restart the PC, it's bright and perfect until Nvidia Experience launches at startup and then it goes to washed up again. While playing Sims 4 the monitor either constantly toggles between HDR on  / HDR off (which is really disturbing as the screen goes black while it does that), or if I disable HDR, I get white flashing in the background constantly. Sometimes the issue goes away on it's own, for example last night when I tried to screen record the issues.. They didn't happen. Sometimes the brightness goes back to amazing when I unplug and replug the DP. The same issue happens with League of Legends and many other games.


Turning HDR off makes the screen really bright too but that doesn't seem to be the issue as it looks different than from the startup (before Nvidia launches) . G-sync is on, I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers etc with no solution. Lots of missing artifacts via hdmi. Have tried both hdmi and display port with different cables. 


I'm unable to update the software on Samsung's website, my monitor claims it is outdated software. Version on website is m-HG732CCAA-1019.2[FD78] while my monitor has a m-HG732CCAA. 1022.0. Downgrading does not work either.

Does anyone have this monitor and have you figured out how to stop this?


I have a standard Samsung curved 1080p monitor, and it never had this issue. From what I've understood I might actually have a defect monitor and should return it to the store. I know my PC isnt the most powerful but these are issues that happen without any major power needed. I've checked and it's barely 40% when these issues arise. If anything it seems like when I do use something in the background it's better.


Things I've done to try to resolve this issue: Completely removed Nvidia Drivers and all associated programs in Safe Mode, then re-installed them with the latest drivers. I also tried older drivers. I've tried two different DP cables, and two different HDMI cables. I've made sure Windows uses the color profile meant for the monitor. I've toggled between HDR, G-Sync, Freesync etc settings. Uninstalled the Samsung software and re-installed it. Reset the monitor twice. I've even restored computer. N/A.


Small things that might make a difference: Sometimes stuff is missing from the Desktop. Like the search bar in Windows 10 might disappear and only come back when I click on that area. On Google, also the search bar might be missing and then suddenly it comes back. Using programs in the background while playing in the game seem to make the flickering or HDR toggling issue go away. I'm personally clueless to what these things mean.

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Hi @Hannes084 Hope you're enjoying your Monday Morning. It does sound like your monitor will need to be inspected to help determine what action to take to get this fixed.


You can arrange this at any one of our approved Support Centres. An appointment isn't required, and you can pop in whenever it's convenient for you during their operating hours.


The engineers will inspect and advise on what will be required to complete this. They'll aim to get it completed in 1 working day but this is subject to part availability.


You can find the nearest Support Centres here: 


For any other assistance, do give us a shout!