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HT-J4500 to LG TV

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I've just bought a new TV (LG 55UM7050PLC) and I'm having issues getting ARC to work. I've got the TV connected via optical so I can at least get sound into the surround speakers but I can't control the volume and neither will the surround system turn on/off with the TV. I've tried turning on ARC for the TV and the surround system but there is no audio (at one point the TV remote would at least control the audio on the surround but I still couldn't hear anything, now I just get a grey disallowed symbol on the TV screen). 


Annoyingly I've moved from a Panasonic 42" Plasma that worked perfectly with the Samsung system, I figured all I'd need to do is change the audio output on the TV to ARC and it would work (it's plugged into the LG's ARC port which is HDMI2).

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