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HT-J4500 home cinema, cycling on and off repeatedly.


Although I've had it a good few years, never having a problem with it, my home cinema system is throwing a fit. It seemed to start when the blu ray/ dvd drawer wouldn't fully extend. I gently pulled it and inserted the disc and it seemed to work okay. The next day, when I switched it on, it now cycles through "LOAD", "No DISC" repeatedly, even when trying to use "D in", "AUX" or any other setting. I've disconected the drive from the rest of the unit, no difference. I've reset the unit whilst it was in stand by mode, nothing. It's not dirty inside, all very clean looking. Anyone know what's going on... Please help.

I've looked over the net all to no avail. 

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@Mart702 do you have a return date yet?
I had the ‘repair’ email today!

Ok I've been quite calm about all of this and just doing the research (finding this community phew! Thanks @scotchbaz), and doing as I'm instructed by Samsung (when I could get hold of them) but I'm pretty fed up with this now! I had my Blu Ray collected by DPD on the 1st July and after waiting patiently I finally had an email from Repairtech this morning!!! Excitedly I opened it expecting it to say they have fixed it, instead it simply said they have received it and would pass it on to the engineers 'shortly' for an assessment!!! So it was collected a week ago and it hasn't even been looked at yet!!! Grrrrr!!! I can't even get hold of Samsung now as it's over a 15 min wait to get through to them on the phone and as a key worker with a 3 year old daughter I simply don't have the time to sit and wait for someone to answer!! Its been 3 weeks since we've had no blu ray player and  there's still no end in sight!! I don't know about everyone else but I'm still waiting for some sort of an apology from @Samsung

@Jules01 sorry to hear but not entirely unexpected as Repairtech has probably been inundated with similar repairs. I’ve had to wait 8 days from the initial email to one today confirming the repair (“replaced software/firmware”). So I’m hopeful to get my device (HT-J5500) back in a few days. I would be optimistic your repair will happen but you might have to be patient for a few more days....

Hi jules01,

Here in the UK, my Bluray was collected on 30th June. I had an email yesterday to say that my player had been fixed. It said that a PCB had been replaced, which is hardware solution not a software one like others have had on here. It will delivered back to me tomorrow. It means that you might have another week to wait I guess.  


I did get an apology from the CEO'S office though as I went straight there to complain. 


I'm in the UK and mines been collected today. Been told to expect 10 working days for it to be repaired. My unit has been  UV marked too as I do with all my Electrical stuff


Unit back today from repair tec, was in a week so I chased them, ten minutes later I had an email saying it was repaired. I have recieved the unit back fully working. I won't be pluging it back into the LAN again tho! Good luck everyone!


My player is a region free player, does anybody know when they repair the player, if it'll loose it's region free status? Hope not, but I bet it will! Most of my Blu-rays are region B and C - 3D discs!


Hello everybody! 


Hi again everyone, I first posted way back on page 13. On Friday 26 June Samsung arranged to collect my player, as I didn't have a box I had to wait until Wednesday 1st July.

I have had a couple of emails from Repairtech, the last one this afternoon saying that my player had been fixed as follows:-


The repair work has been completed on your HT-J5550W/EN, which has been repaired and thoroughly
tested by our technicians. The following parts were replaced:
The following tests have been carried out on your unit:
PAT test
IR receiver working
Panel image check
Audio check
Cosmetic refurbishment check
All inputs check
Hopefully shoul be back with me in a couple of days.
Good luck to the rest of you
Jules, I had the same first email on Monday and the confirmation of a fix today so the end is in sight!

good luck
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