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HT-J4500 home cinema, cycling on and off repeatedly.


Although I've had it a good few years, never having a problem with it, my home cinema system is throwing a fit. It seemed to start when the blu ray/ dvd drawer wouldn't fully extend. I gently pulled it and inserted the disc and it seemed to work okay. The next day, when I switched it on, it now cycles through "LOAD", "No DISC" repeatedly, even when trying to use "D in", "AUX" or any other setting. I've disconected the drive from the rest of the unit, no difference. I've reset the unit whilst it was in stand by mode, nothing. It's not dirty inside, all very clean looking. Anyone know what's going on... Please help.

I've looked over the net all to no avail. 

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I meant by Monday 19 July (Today). Also edited original post.


Arghh... I'm glad so many are having their machines fixed, but frustrated that I'm not amongst that number. My initial collection, never happened, a week later it was collected. However having read on here that the DPD driver may not have the packaging promised, I put my unit in a box with air pockets, an envelope containing the requested information, then wrapped the box in thick white plastic to protect it from the elements. When the driver arrived he did have the packaging, so in it went. That is the last I heard, two weeks are about to pass and my concern is growing. I've contacted Repairtech, and been told that my unit, according to their DPD account, has indeed been delivered. I've just not heard from Repairtech itself on if they're processing my unit, or as I fear, I've wrapped it far too well.… Like I say, frustrating. Especially as my Samsung TV's speakers are poor to say the least. 


Hi Guys,


i got my HT-J4530 back today from the repair service. It booted up and everything looked good, but when I went to connect it to the smart tv (optical digital out signal) I got no sound

Options on the tv are set right, because when I switched back to tvspeakers I got sound.

There is no problem when I connect it to my phone with the bluetooth or playing a disc. 


Did someone experience the same problem?


From one problem to another.


@Isolina wrote:
Any update? I'm in Toronto, I've waiting for an update or something to fix this issue, but nothing still. Please advise.

I'm in Toronto too.  I shipped my player to a repair Center in Markham.  Samsung Canada provided the shipping label (FedEx) and that's where it was sent to.  
that was last Monday.  As of Saturday I checked and it's been received and acknowledged but nothing more.  No further word about the status of the repair.  I'm very disappointed in Samsung's transparency and lack of attempts to keep their customers updated and informed.  


@Pieter1975 That is where I went. They repaired mine without cost. Took about 2 weeks. 


HT-J4200 fixed after 1 week in TV-AV ELECTRONIC ŽILINA, SLOVAKIA

Current firmware version same as before failure , ver 1017.3.


I have same problem 

si I need to know if you can ask them did they change for you motherboard?

or only download new software and how ?


because they want me to pay for new motherboard and it's expensive 😞


My issue was resolved by PMC Electronics.

Actually received my device back 24 hours after handing it in.


All working fine

How they are solve this problem
By new software or change motherboard?



If your machine does the Boot Loop and nothing else, Samsung has to pay for it. Speak to Samsung Support and get a call reference number and insist that they confirm on call or email that they will carry the costs.


I waited a month before I took my machine in to ensure that I had all my homework in place etc.

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