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HT-J4500 home cinema, cycling on and off repeatedly.


Although I've had it a good few years, never having a problem with it, my home cinema system is throwing a fit. It seemed to start when the blu ray/ dvd drawer wouldn't fully extend. I gently pulled it and inserted the disc and it seemed to work okay. The next day, when I switched it on, it now cycles through "LOAD", "No DISC" repeatedly, even when trying to use "D in", "AUX" or any other setting. I've disconected the drive from the rest of the unit, no difference. I've reset the unit whilst it was in stand by mode, nothing. It's not dirty inside, all very clean looking. Anyone know what's going on... Please help.

I've looked over the net all to no avail. 

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Glad some resolution for the South African members, though appreciate the process and decision making has not been ideal.


Just to mention that  the Community welcomes members sharing their experiences and input from across the globe.   However a this is the Uk/Ireland community specialised support is limited to these areas.


Just wanted to update you all. Thank you for putting up fast and hard regarding issused with dvd players. I GOT IT BACK! YAY! took a New York minute but it is back. I did not get update of process as many of you have never got a reason to why it got possessed but it is back and all good...for now. Set-it-up last night and watched/used it for an hr. Nothing new her  but it works fantasticly. set up on wi-fi and turned off auto-updates. They can ask permision although IF they want to the can possess it againg without my permisson. Any who happy to see response is going viral and peeps getting their fix it tickets and free at that. Good luck you all and see you all (hopefully not) in the next desaster or new item to come From Samsung... Still love you Samsung sooo get it together. latz




1-did the device recover automatically (updated in standby)

2-or the service repaired?

I hope it was the 1st option

Greetings from Zonguldak Turkey

Unfortunately the second one. Device is more or the less dead until service resets it.
Most devices do not seem to be able to even go to standby mode. They keep resetting themselves. There is no network traffic at that several seconds device stays up.

I saw a picture of the motherboard on another site. where is the battery on the motherboard? Will the device return to normal if we put the battery in and out ? the worst scenario for me is to wait until September. I will pay 87,96 Euros for zero devices and replace the motherboard in the Samsung service. Samsung software engineers around the world don't hear us




I do not think there is any visible battery. I did not find any relevant informations about the CPU most devices use but from that little what I've got it seems it has no integrated RTC circuit.


My Samsung 3D Player had the update turned off and this still happened to me! I got mine back, gonna turn off my wi-fi and then make sure player doesn't connect to the internet, remove password from device.


If we get our player back and we connect to the internet will this happen again? Are they still broadcasting the bad update or what ever it was?


I do not think it was "update" or at least it was some recent update. Most devices are out of active support and do not get updates anymore. Unless somebody managed to completely screw update process and pushed incompatible update to all devices.


But then i happened even to devices without the Internet connection. Reports for these are quite mixed. Somebody reports failure even when device was not connected, somebody reports working device. I think that it is possible that there was something in updates which bombed at June 18th.


But if my analysis is correct and device does not have RTC how will it know? And why some devices work.


My question and fear is can this potentially happen to our tv's as well. All smart TV's is connected to the internet. 

Samsung should come out and comfirm why and how this happened.  

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