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How To Set Dolby Digital Plus?

(Topic created on: 11/07/20 11:39)
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Hi, I'm new to Home Theater world so I'm sorry if my question sounds silly or stupid. I have Samsung 40MU6100 TV and Samsung HT-J5100K Home Theater, and afaik both support Dolby Digital Plus. I've spent hours trying to figure out if DD+ is configured properly but I haven't found an exact answer. I have updated both unit firmware to the latest version, and Home Theater unit is connected to TV through HDMI ARC and optical cable.


From the TV sound settings (Expert Settings), HDMI Input Audio Format gives me 2 options (PCM and Bitstream), while Digital Output Audio Format gives 5 options (PCM, DD, DD+, DTS and DTS Neo 2:5), but except for PCM and Neo, other options are greyed out. I'm a little bit confused because from what I read on Internet, optical / digital audio doesn't support DD+, and HDMI input supposedly supports that. Is that true? please cmiiw for this one.


From Home Theater unit sound settings, there's a couple options (including Speaker Selection, Audio Return Channel and Digital Output). First, I selected Audio Return Channel to "On". On the other hand, with Speaker Selection selected to "Home theater speakers", the Digital Output setting is greyed out, I have to change the Speaker Selection to "TV Speaker" so I can set it to PCM or 3 Bitstream options (Unprocessed / Re-encoded DTS / Re-encoded Dolby D), Hence my 2nd question, which should I choose?


I've watched some Dolby 5.1 test videos from Youtube, and from what I can hear, all speakers function normally. When testing center speaker, both surround speakers also has audio. With front right speaker tested, I can hear audio coming out from right surround (but not from left surround), and pretty much the same for the left speakers. This maybe nothing but while watching some movies from cable TV channels that supports 5.1 Dolby, I can't hear sound from surround speakers, I have to change the EQ to Cinema, Game, or S-Master to get them working.


Am I missing something? Please help and TIA!

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I have the Samsunf q90r soundbar and playing atmos and still says tv arc. Go into my sound and dolby digtial plus is greyed out as in atmos its automatically set to atmos if you have the tv set to atmos comparability.


If Netfilx movie your watching the info says atmos then your in atmos.


If atmos is not available then you wont see the atmos logo shown in movie info.


I know in with the Samsung q90r mine still says tv arc.


If I switch the soundbar off and then on it scrolls dolby atmos.


If I go to sound mode it says not available. As its because it has selected atmos.


With Samsung tvs basically sets things automatically and often get no feedback and this is the case.


You most likely are getting atmos if your soundbar is true atmos. Else you wont see atmos scrolling or showing its atmos if it's not true atmos.


The way to test it is turn off and on soundbar while playing an atmos movie and will most likely then tell you its playing in atmos.

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Would love a solution: I'm having a similar problem not being able to select dolby digital or DTS. 

I'm not great with model numbers but here's what I got:

Input: roku 4k or sony blu ray

Optical connection to an onkyo receiver.

Receiver picks up a PCM signal but runs prologic2...

The twist:

The receiver picks it up as DolbyD when content is played from the built in streaming apps on the tv...