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How to connect WAM751 over 5 floors? House too large?

(Topic created on: 28-03-2018 04:34 PM)
First Poster

I would like to connect all my WAM751 speakers in my home, so I can use them on all floors together or seperately. My home consists of 5 floors and I have 6 speakers and 2 WAM250 hubs. 
I have 1 WAM250 hub on the ground floor and with that hub I can reach the speakers in the cellar, ground floor and first floor. I have a second WAM250 connected to the first in repeating-mode. This is functional when I place this hub on the first floor and I can connect to the speaker on de 2nd floor. But I cannot reach the speaker on the 3rd floor.
When I place the 2nd WAM250-hub on the second floor, it cannot connect anymore to the WAM250-hub on the ground floor.

In my house I have a wifi Ubiquity Unifi AP AC-Pro on every floor, connected to each other wired. The WAM250-hub on the groundfloor has also a wire connection to the LAN.


How can I extend the range of the Samsung network, so I can reach my speaker on the 3rd floor?