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Help! Should I get the Samsung Q950T or Samsung Q800A (with SWA-9500S )

(Topic created on: 03-07-2021 01:33 PM)
Audio & Video

Sorry to create a specific thread on this. I was pretty much sold on the 800A speakers but it was pointed out to me that it does not have side firing speakers and apparently having them make a significant difference. You can currently get the Q950T (with rears) for £1,000 and the Q800A with rears for £925. I have a small living room and would mainly using the speakers for gaming and the odd movie through the TV apps (I have a LG B9). Is it worth the difference?

The reason I initially went for the Q800A is because the Q950 will slightly overhang forward on my fireplace by about a 2cm. I am probably trying to convince myself it will fit if I move the fireplace forward a slight bit. Also, I have seen some reviews that the Q950T has a few technical issues so that's another thing worth considering.