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HDD-recorder BD-H8500N/XE, problems when changing the main board, reading the existing recordings?

(Topic created on: 05-08-2021 08:54 AM)
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The main board on my mom´s unit has given up, so I will order a new main board, but.....

.....This is on my mom´s BD-H8500N, she wants to be able to look at all the recordings that she has saved for the future with the "lock function" earlier.

Now let me explain:

I myself also have a exact similar BD-H8500N, so I tried to change the hard disc drive between the units,
but my BD-H8500N will not permit me to look at any of the recordings at all,
and there are now about 20% of the stored recordings, which are of special interrest to recall .

My guess is that a new main board, will also not allow looking at the recordings?

Is this something that a samsung service shop, would be able to recall, to permit the DRM to accept existing recordings on a hard disc drive?