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Galaxy Buds Pro and notifications

(Topic created on: 15-06-2021 06:42 PM)
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I have a Galaxy S20 and was listening to music via my Buds Pro. I also have another set of Bluetooth headphones associated which I occasionally use. I can see connected headphones on SmartThings.  Everytime I received a notification on phone / Gear 3 while listening to music streaming via Buds Pro headphones, SmartThings will drop Buds Pro and I have to manually select in order to hear music again. I provided developer with limited feedback and they ask I phone. However, the telephone number provided is not accessible in UK. Problem has been solved by uninstalling SmatThings.
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@Dave_30: I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue. As an alternative to SmartThings, you may wish to try connecting your Galaxy Buds Pro using the Galaxy Wearables app, available from the Google Play Store, as you should find this to be a more stable option. You may also wish to check out the Media options while using streaming apps by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, then again to enlarge the Quick Panel > Media.