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Dolby TrueHD and eARC on Samsung Q80R Soundbar


Hi, since few days I am an owner of a Samsung HW-Q80R soundbar in pair with Philips 55OLED854 SmartTV. Searching the Internet back and forth I found no certain answer to the following problems:

1. Does Samsung HW-Q80R has ARC or eARC?
2. Does it support Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby TrueHD?
3. If it does not have eARC, is it possible for Samsung to change it to eARC via firmware update?
4. Does it support DTS-HD or DTS-Master?
I also saw these topics:
And I do wonder: if I own a SmartTV with Netflix app installed (so TV is the only source), how can I "connect my source directly to soundbar and soundbar output to tv, so Sound will go out of soundbar without any lag, and video will pass through to tv"? Is it even possible in my configuration? What should I do to get the bes possible audio quality?
Best regards!
I have the Q90 soundbar although it’s good, I’ll never buy a Samsung item again. They don’t give a ***** about their customers. Even their lineup for 2020 soundbars sounds ***** tbh

cheers guys. i read all the reviews and they banged on about e-arc support really strange & confusing. ah well, they've just lost my business! ...looks like I'll have to put off the upgrade for another year!! 😞


My recommendation, go with 9 or 10 series LG soundbar by Meridian, or buy a Sony. They are both just as good.


EDIT: and to what I know, they have had eARC since summer 2019.


the SL10YG doesn't support e-arc either, and doesn't have the sound quality of the hw-q80r (the speakers are much smaller), and the Sony HT-ST5000 is coming up to 2 years old now, and doesn't support e-arc either. All the reviews complimented the Atmos quality on the hw-q80r, but without the ability to pass atmos through the arc channel is ridiculous! I'm not wasting £1000 on old outdated tech! shame on you Samsung!!


(sorry, it looks like the Sony had the e-arc f/w update, but anyway, has no options to add rear speakers at later date)

The new LG soundbars annouced for 2020 will have eARC and 7.1.4 with surround speakers and upfiring speakers in the surrounds too. The sony ST-5000 is two years old and DOES have eARC they added it in a firmware update in 2018.

Where is Update? its 2020's:)


@DonnyAtmos wrote:

Where is Update? its 2020's:)

It is where we cant find it. :smiling-face:


Jokes aside, I was speaking to a lawyer buddy of mine, and he said that this could be a good class action case against all the reviewers who said eARC will be available, or is supported on these soundbars. And based on their testimonies, charges could be brought up against Samsung on it. The only catch, there has to be atleast 40 of us alleging to bring the charges up against the reviewers.


Legal fee alone would hurt these reviewers enough for them to never lie again.

Let's not be hasty,

let's just all shell out a load more money,

like Samsung want us to on the latest 2020 



Not that much more, considering that we have a valid case which will make the reviewers and samsung corp pay.


@slim_shady wrote:

sorry, I'm really confused now. was just about to purchase the LG C9 and an hw-q80r ...does the soundbar support e-arc or not? I want to play atmos enabled movies through the TV Plex app and have the atmos sent back through the hdmi arc port....

If you have an LG C9, the soundbar doesn't need to have eARC, which it hasn't. LG comes with a 2020 line, which does have it and because of this, they probably won't give the older models the earc through a firmware update. If that is the case (and that's 90% sure), Samsung will follow this pattern.
Anyway....You have an C9 which does have eARC and that is all you need. Atmos signal can be passed throught, through a normal ARC, only not lossless and compressed and wrapped in the DD+ signal. eARC sends it lossless through to you soundbar/avr. So the only thing you will really need is a soundbar which is Atmos comptible and you will have the best signal Atmos can deliver.

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