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Best audio settings for Samsung UBD-M7500/ZA 4K Blu-ray player.

(Topic created on: 05-03-2024 05:55 PM)
First Poster

Hey guys, not necessarily a new member, just haven’t yet posted here until now because I kind of forgot this place existed but AnyWho, I have a Samsung UBD-M7500/ZA 4K Blu-ray player that’s connected to a Samsung QN65Q7FAM 65 inch 4K TV that has a HDMI cable going from the ARC input to a Samsung HW-M550/ZA sound bar that also has the optional rear speaker kit connected to it from Samsung. 

Being that I have many discs, old and new that are presented in different audio formats, what’s the best audio settings for my Blu-ray player so that I get the best sound for whatever disc I’m playing?

Right now I have my TV’s HDMI input audio format set to Bitstream and I have the TV’s HDMI audio output format set to PCM so that then, for example, when I watch anything from my Apple TV device that’s being presented in Dolby digital or Atmos, the TV automatically changes the HDMI output audio format to the sound bar to Dolby digital and it will remain on PCM if the TV is not receiving a Dolby digital signal.

For the longest time whenever I would watch anything from my Blu-ray player, I just left the output audio setting on the player to bitstream re-encoded dolby digital because all the discs that I was playing was in that format and I had no problem but the other night I was watching an older movie that was presented in DTS – HD and even though everything worked as usual being set to bitstream re-encoded Dolby digital, I did get a little bit better sound when I changed that setting to bitstream re-encoded DTS and then went to my TV’s output audio format and changed that from PCM to DTS because that option was now able to be selected because usually that option is grayed out so back to the question at hand, what’s a good audio setting on my Blu-ray player so that I don’t have to manually change everything depending on what the audio format is of the disk I’m playing?