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BD-D5500/ZA Smart 3D Blu-ray player repeatedly powering on & off

(Topic created on: 16-05-2022 02:46 PM)
First Poster

No idea what is going on here.

Our device is pretty old.  BD-D5500/ZA is the model # on the back of the unit.  These days it doesn't get much use, but there was a time when it was our go-to device for streaming services.  That job is now handled by a Roku, but we still occasionally load up a disc, so I've kept it around.  It has been in my A/V cabinet for about a decade, waiting for the increasingly-rare occasion for it to be used.  It is a ethernet-only model, no wifi, and has been off the network since around 2016

Last night, it decided it wanted to power itself on and try to load a disc.  I heard it power on and make some clicking sounds, but I thought it was our cat crawling around behind the cabinet.  Then I saw the cat AND heard the noise, so I checked it out.  

The Blu-Ray player was on, displaying "no disc."  I shrugged, though somehow it had been powered on via CEC (from the TCL Roku TV which can do that) and turned it off.  I checked the CEC settings on the TV, because I did not recall enabling that functionality on the BD player, and found that it was in fact not a registered CEC device.  Then, as I sat there looking at the TV settings with the A/V cabinet open, the BD player turned itself on and tried to load a disc again.  The power button (a digital finger-sensitive touchpoint) flashed a few times as if someone were hitting a remote control button and the IR was receiving commands.  Then it powered itself off.  My wife and I watched it do this for about 10 minutes.  There was no discernable interval to the on/off cycle, and if I turned it on or off manually (by remote or by touch point on the face plate) it obeyed the command, but then also did not interrupt its' own cycle of on/load disc/off.  

I looked around online, found many stories of "boot looping" devices like mine starting around 2020, but my model number wasn't mentioned.  It seemed like those were all much newer devices, and also that they were all connected to the internet, which mine had not been for many years.  I couldn't convince it to relax, and at this point there is no real need for the BD player except to play those discs that I have not yet digitized to my Plex server.  So I just unplugged and removed the BD player, with the intention to finally retire it.  

I've owned my BD-D5500 for nearly 10 years - I found the order when I bought it dated to Sept 2012.  It has behaved perfectly for all of those years, until last night.  I got my money's worth out of this fella, so I do not expect support or need a cure, I just want to share the strangeness and see if anyone else knows what is going on.


Black Belt 
What was used to clean the top where the touch sensitive buttons are? Just wondering if there's some residue build up causing a fake detection on the power button. I have a similar model allbeit slightly newer and haven't used the buttons on top apart from the odd time I knocked them when dusting the unit and Blu-ray player. I use pledge dry dusters, no sprays or liquids near electricals.