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Apple TV & SkyHD+ —> Soundbar (HW-N950) —> TV (Q9F 75inch)

(Topic created on: 29-01-2019 05:57 PM)

Hi there,


My equipment is

- TV: Q9F 75inch TV

- Soundbar: HW-N950

- Apple TV

- Sky HD+


Apple TV and SkyHD are connected (HDMI) to the Soundbar. The Soundbar is connected to the TV (HDMI ARC)


I have used the Universal Remote function on my TV to set my Apple TV and SkyHD up and I have selected the option “Via Home Theather”


My Apple TV and SkyHD are in a sideboard without line of sight 


All works great except for the volume 


Every function of my Apple TV and SkyHD can be controlled through my TV One Remote 


The Volume only works if I open my sideboard door and there is line of sight between my remote and my Apple TV or SkyHD box


However if I change the volume using my Soundbar remote control all works fine without line of sight 


The only explanation I could come up with is that my Soundbar is able to control Apple TV and SkyHD volume via HDMI, however the Universal Remote set-up automatically assigns the volume control on the One Remote to work via IR directly with the Apple TV and SkyHD instead of controlling the volume via the Soundbar 


Problem is that I don’t know how to change the volume setting and assign it to the Soundbar volume control instead of the devices directly 


Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me



I forgot to mention that my Apple TV and Sky HD are connected to the Sounbar but the Soundbar is connected to the One Box Connect and that the One box Connect is in the same cabinet with my other devices 


The TV remote controls the soundbar volume ok when the cabinet is open but it doesn’t work when it is closed


from other posts I understand that the issue Is that it is the One Box connect to send the IR inputs to the Soundbar when the Soundbar is in HDMI inputs mode rather than the TV controlling it (which is the case when in TV ARC mode). Hence why things work with the cabinet open


any suggestion on how I could get the Soundbar volume controlled directly by the remote (instead of the One Box Connect)?