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After the HW-Q90r eARC update, I did a little digging in the firmware files. Is there a reason that the HW-N950 didn't get eARC


Top is the info.txt from the latest HW-N950, bottom is the text from the eARC update of HW-Q90r.



As you can see it's just generic Tizen. The hardware in both sound bards is basically identical, and whatever differences there are, shouldn't influence eARC which is basically a software feature.


Things get even more interesting when we open the HW-Q90r firmware file with a HEX editor. The HW-N950 (SAT-HKA18WWC) is literally mentioned in the file headers.



I see this as a huge f*ck you from Samsung. There was an implicit promise that the HW-N950 would get eARC, and seeing how it seems to be literally baked in the firmware (it's just a Tizen distro with software features after all), it feels wrong doubly so.


Are we getting this update or not?


Sold my N850 and moving on. 

A big thanks to the forums users for the phycological therapy. :smiling-face:


I just got the additional eARC update for my C9, that can send 8-channel PCM, in addition to DTS-MA and True Audio HD over eARC.


And still no peep in this thread. I love how they treat it almost like it doesn't exist. Nothing on the "press" either, despite sending the HEX of the firmware files to various outlets. I guess they know that they won't get the next sample if they raise their voices.




Ridiculous, i check the Samsung website pretty much every other day for a firmware update and nothing. Samsung will say anything to reel you in and once the latest range is out, then its bye bye. LG is my next TV/Soundbar of choice.

If other companies can give earc to soundbars from 2018, why can Samsung not do, they want us to buy the next one then the next one and give little support.
I have the 850N and I hold little hope now, will wait until end of June then move to another, maybe LG.

Any reason for waiting until July? Have you heard anything?

Last I heard was possible updates in May, but it seems Samsung willing to look after this years tech only.
TBF there is not much out there to pick from, LG seem good but hear the speech is lost on most bars during action.
Sony have always been good but don't see a full atmos bar yet, and the one that really has my attention is the 9.2 nakamichi, but will wait for their next one with earc.

Has anyone heard of any class action lawsuits for this?  I purchased the HW-N950 and read that firmware update would be released and was told the same by Bestbuy.


I was told the same, but there is nothing here, not even a response from anyone. This thread is four pages now, and nobody has said a word yet.


I have the N850 and need the earc update as well. Awful sound sync on newest lg cx 65 tv. Both have sync settings but no matter what cannot set them to be spot on. Switched from HDMI to optical and issue still exists. Will have to switch to a crappy lg bar as I cant deal with the sync isssues on this 900 dollar bar. 


I'm sure allot would be interested in some class action. I too was told at point of sale that the earc update will be coming, so this information must have been pushed down from Samsung Sales to suppliers.

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