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After the HW-Q90r eARC update, I did a little digging in the firmware files. Is there a reason that the HW-N950 didn't get eARC


Top is the info.txt from the latest HW-N950, bottom is the text from the eARC update of HW-Q90r.



As you can see it's just generic Tizen. The hardware in both sound bards is basically identical, and whatever differences there are, shouldn't influence eARC which is basically a software feature.


Things get even more interesting when we open the HW-Q90r firmware file with a HEX editor. The HW-N950 (SAT-HKA18WWC) is literally mentioned in the file headers.



I see this as a huge f*ck you from Samsung. There was an implicit promise that the HW-N950 would get eARC, and seeing how it seems to be literally baked in the firmware (it's just a Tizen distro with software features after all), it feels wrong doubly so.


Are we getting this update or not?


Samsung tvs don't do dolby Vision, they are pushing hdr10 as their choice, its just to save money.

I understood the Soundbar, not the TVs. I get what you mean. The sound bar works with Dolby Vision as far as I have seen, the only real issue it has is eARC.

please also update the Samsung HW-N950, in its day it was said that they would also support earc

Sonido: Samsung harman/kardon HW-N950 7.1.4
It is frustrating when you see that it's basically the same software platform for all of them, but they just don't try to enable it. If there was an beta program, I am certain that most of us would be glad to help.

I don't know if the lack of any communication from Samsung about this is bad or good :face-with-rolling-eyes:
Anybody else did any digging in the firmware files?


They are probably keeping quiet expecting this to go away.

I hope I'm wrong and that they are working on it.


They would probably retain a lot of us as customers if they did that. 

Any Samsung representative here in this community can confirm whether there will be a software update? Release note? I would like to see what other bugs would be fixed I have been waiting for almost a year.... getting impatient and have been thinking to sell this sound bar and buy another brand. Any good recommendations?
I guess they are just waiting for us to blindly shut up. Reviewers won't speak of this because otherwise Samsung would not send them review copies. This is disgusting.

Very disappointed, was also told this would be added to my N950.. otherwise i would have never purchased..


I'm in the same boat as everyone else, if this does not get added, then i have no trust in Samsung as a brand anymore..


No Samsung brand of any product will be purchased and i will tell as many people who will listen.


poor form Samsung..

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