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55" Frame 4k passthru to Sky Q box with Soundbar

(Topic created on: 10-04-2021 12:17 PM)
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I have recently got Sky Q and when connecting it to my 55" Frame, it wont allow 4K passthough via a soundbar. 

I have tried connecting both Samsung SB's to the ARC port (HDMI 3) and the Sky box to another port (1, 2 and 4) and I then get a picture, Sky shows the 4K connection, but we get no sound on any input, be that, HDMI, TV ARC, D. In. I have tried different HDMI cables, both of the 2 HDMI ports on the SB's. I have tried switching e-ARC on and off on the TV too. The soundbars we have are: 

Samsung HW-E450

Samsung HW-R550

Can anyone help/advise? Please? Before I launch the SB's down the garden 😉

The other issue I have is that when we turn the Sky box on and the TV starts, the Apps bar pops up and wont go unless I use the TV remote to dismiss it. Is there a way to stop this?