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1010.5 Firmware Update for hw-Q70R/hw-Q80R/hw-Q90R Soundbars


Good morning friends.


I've performed the firmware update for my HW-Q90R soundbar.


Given that there is no official statement from Samsung with the details of the update  I would like to check with the community what new features have been included.


- How can I check now the firmware version on the bar, to check if the rears are updated as well? In the past just by holding the sound mode button on the remote with the soundbar off the different versions appeared on the display.

Now it is not case. Now by holding sound mode for 5 seconds with the bar off it enables a new functionality: Test Tone





- EARC functionality is enabled, this is great.

- Test tone: What it this for? It performs a test of the sound of the different channels, is it useful for anything else?

- Now in the sources appeared TV SPEAKERS, what is this for?


I would like to check specially if the update has included any update of the rears and subwoffer

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Hi, i am from spain. I have already update to 1010.5 firm. But i have doubts. Hdmi cable needed is 2.1? Samsung gives us a hdmi cable with the soundbar, can be it used to Dolby Atmos? Is it a 2.1?

I actually have a LG C9 oled tv, it provided earc, but i don't know what i have to do.



HDMI cable provided by Samsung is not 2.1 .  You should not have any problem using that cable though, it works ok for high bitrate material such as Atmos.  


LG C9 + Q70R samsung soundbarLG C9 + Q70R samsung soundbar

Now i can see earc on display but it i supossed Dolby Atmos logo has to appear on tv screen when i play this in Netflix 


via ARC (HDMI cable) directly to my TV, Netflix running on my TV (Q-85R)


First of all. Atmos in Netflix only works with the original native audio , in the case of Dark I guess is German audio, so you would need German audio, and  Spanish subtitles in case you cannot speak German. 

Unfortunately majority of new releases are only recorded in Atmos for the native audio. For instance in Parasites ultra UHD blu-ray the atmos track is only found in Korean.  


Second: Dolby Atmos is only displayed briefly when you start playing the title, the way to check if you are really playing atmos is by pressing "sound mode" in the remote, if the display shows "not avalaible" it means is playing Dolby Atmos.


Finally , make sure you have a premium (UHD I think is called) subscription to Netflix. It is the only way to play Atmos in Netflix. 


If you have played Dark in German, and you have an UHD subscription to Netflix and still no "dolby atmos" in the display then we would need to check other options in your configuration. 


What do you think when we will get the 2019 Q Samsung TV eARC Update ?

After updating, all are the same except w is 0242
And DTS X is working through eARC

hey. how did you get the bar to fit under your c9?


hey, ive got a c9 too, can you confirm your definately getting dolby vision passthrough as well as atmos if you have time? cheers


Yes , I have a C9 and a Nvidia Shield and even without Earc I used to have DV and Atmos with the shield plugged into the soundbar. 


Anyways, you don't need anymore the dolby vision passthrough. Now with the earc just plug everything to the TV and the Lg C9 will do the magic. 

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