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1010.5 Firmware Update for hw-Q70R/hw-Q80R/hw-Q90R Soundbars


Good morning friends.


I've performed the firmware update for my HW-Q90R soundbar.


Given that there is no official statement from Samsung with the details of the update  I would like to check with the community what new features have been included.


- How can I check now the firmware version on the bar, to check if the rears are updated as well? In the past just by holding the sound mode button on the remote with the soundbar off the different versions appeared on the display.

Now it is not case. Now by holding sound mode for 5 seconds with the bar off it enables a new functionality: Test Tone





- EARC functionality is enabled, this is great.

- Test tone: What it this for? It performs a test of the sound of the different channels, is it useful for anything else?

- Now in the sources appeared TV SPEAKERS, what is this for?


I would like to check specially if the update has included any update of the rears and subwoffer

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When watching Netflix with dolby atmos it still disconnects for a second, then it scroll dolby atmos on the sound bar...

I just bought the Soundbar yesterday and updated it with smartapps. 


But my S is

S- 0131.0


Can someone explain me how this comes? And what does the S stands for?


I also tried to connect the Soundbar on my old TV (2008 model) from hdmi to hdmi, but nothing happens. I tried everything I could think of but nothing happens. I guess the Soundbar won't work on my old TV?


I'm waiting on my c9 to connect the hdmi 2.1 to the Soundbar. 


I also noticed I barely hear sound from the rears. Atm I'm only using BT


Big thanks if someone could answer or clarify my questions, as I'm pretty new to this. 

If you search you can find:

HW-90 R.jpg :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:

That would be normal as it switches to atmos the soundbar. As long as it does not continue to disconnect.
Hi again
Could someone just jog my memory on how we get these settings to display on Soundbar, as forgot how I did it first time ?!
M - 0128.0
B - 1010.5 
H - 0051.0 
FD - 0040.0 
W - 0240.0
S - 0136.0
RR - 0136.0
RL -  0136.0

hi, copied this from "hw25" 🙂  (page 1 of this topic"


"To check the firmware version on the soundbar, do the following:

With the soundbar off (but plugged to the electricity), push and hold the sound control/(settings?) button on the remote (the one with the gearshape) for a few seconds. The led display will show "On" and the firmware version will scroll."


Hope this helps like it helped me 😉



Any information to when the q950r will receive the EARC update? 


W - 0242.0 is the newest wireless module level

Netflix with dolby atmos seems ok now that i have reset / reinstalled Netflix,  fingers crossed.....

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