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1010.5 Firmware Update for hw-Q70R/hw-Q80R/hw-Q90R Soundbars


Good morning friends.


I've performed the firmware update for my HW-Q90R soundbar.


Given that there is no official statement from Samsung with the details of the update  I would like to check with the community what new features have been included.


- How can I check now the firmware version on the bar, to check if the rears are updated as well? In the past just by holding the sound mode button on the remote with the soundbar off the different versions appeared on the display.

Now it is not case. Now by holding sound mode for 5 seconds with the bar off it enables a new functionality: Test Tone





- EARC functionality is enabled, this is great.

- Test tone: What it this for? It performs a test of the sound of the different channels, is it useful for anything else?

- Now in the sources appeared TV SPEAKERS, what is this for?


I would like to check specially if the update has included any update of the rears and subwoffer

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thx for the steer. james4578. all done. atmos via earc working . 


do you know any sites torrent sites that specialize in atmos? im frustrated by lack or support across different app and streamers. thinking about going the shiled route. sorry about the sync problem. that sounds like a pain in the ass



I have a LG TV (OLED C7V) and I'm trying to send dolby atmos content from netflix app.

The soundbar is samsung hw-Q70R


Do someone succeeded in recognize the dolby atmos source from the soundbar?


@went1 I've sent you a private message


@Gezmelb wrote:

Think you have to update your soundbar though first?


how did you do yours?

@Gezmelb  Thought that  was obvious and detailed in the link. However have edited post,  personally do not have these soundbars.

For Q70R I get the same numbers except for W and S (no RR and RL as this model does not have rear speakers). They are W-0033.0 and S-0033.0. Also, the Test Tone works. With some volume you will hear a noise in each speaker.

thanks man


Hey guys,

I have the Q-80R soundbar with Q-85R TV. Just noticed since the update that BBC iPlayer (UK) app natively on the TV has problem with speech sounding like it's underwater when Dolby Digital is on, if I change it to PCM it's fine. Anyone else got this problem?


earc was included in this update thankfully. i have displayed on my bar. wouldnt have bought the bar unless it was confirmed to be the earc update prior to purchase. hope taht helps.


Hey guys, I just got the q90r, updated to latest firmware.


But I can bearly hear the sub. 

When I test tone it makes sound but not sub like.


Also I have a qa65q75 and it doesn't show eARC on the soundbar only ARC.


Any ideas?

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