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The Note 8 's Clear View Cover is a massive disappointment unless updated

(Topic created on: 11-11-2017 06:01 AM)
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So i bought the official Samsung clear view cover a few days ago and it's been nothing but let down after let down...   first of all the beautiful AOD of the note is systematically getting turned off by the case after a few seconds, making it impossible to see notifications or other customizations to the AOD one might have made.  But that's not all , flipping open the case also automatically unlocks the phone .... SO YOU PRETTY MUCH NEVER GET TO SEE THE AOD .     Another issue is that flipping the case closed TURNS OFF MANY APPS you'd expect to run in the background , example: it's well known that on chrome or firefox using desktop mode you can keep playing youtube videos in the background with your screen turned off...well you're out of luck, using the clear view case doesn't let let you do that anymore ....  oh and one more thing don't even think of using google voice or bixby vocal controls with that case, it cuts off your answer mid sentence and goes back to sleep...


Oh and i won't even mention the fact that this cover is get scratched by pretty much anything, and that it has no magnet or strap to keep it from flipping open. If it falls , there's a good chance the cover will open mid air and still land on your screen..



I won't be using my case anymore as long as updates fixing these issues aren't released.  It really is a shame because apart from the software issues it is one of the best looking case I've ever owned..


I really hope Samsung reads this...

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That case has been the subject of discussions before where people have been disappointed by it and how it affects features such as AOD. 

I do not use that particular case but if this does affect AOD then a disclaimer should imo be on the packaging. 

I hope you find a more suitable option. 


I use a RhinoShield Crashguard Bumper along with a dbrand Dragon Skin back skin and official Samsung Screen protector on my s8. 


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