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Tab S4 official keyboard cover case not working after latest major update

(Topic created on: 14-11-2020 07:29 PM)
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Anyone else experience this? Keyboard cover is still recognised since Dex mode is launched upon connecting it but it's not registering any key taps. Troubleshooted issue to death i.e. checked all keyboard settings, cleared cache/app data, soft reset and factory reset but issue remains unresolved. Seems too coincidental when it seemingly stopped working following the update 🤔🤔


Hi @Marcus234 


Did you manage to find a resolution to this?

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Me too. 

Keyboard jus become no response for most keys except for enter, shift n Lang.. the rest all not working. But any key will still wake the tablet from sleep.. so I believe it's still connected. Now had to look for other cover as no point carrying keyboard cover that dun work. 

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Samething with my galaxy tab S4, keyboard cover doesnt work at all. Any solution yet ?


Mines just started doing this, was typing the "é" when I hit E but not an R, then whichever one brings up the € symbol without having to click the alt character. But wasn't responding to anything else on any other keys other then what looked to be the French accent keys. Also wiped cache & data, restarted device, keyboard setting showed in English UK when clicked "lang" button with no option to change as I've disabled/uninstalled them, checked for Samsung keyboard update, made no difference. I was completely stumped by it then all of a sudden it was working again 🤷‍♀️ dunno if it decided it hadn't yet woke up properly or what!? But if not that's one help of a system lang from sleep.

I've only just finished paying off this device & tbh it's the most expensive tablet I've ever owned & I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, my camera issue still hasn't fixed, even with newest camera updates & covid stopped it getting repaired under warranty, as everything in the UK shut or we had area travel restrictions so couldn't travel to a Samsung repair store (closest is Martin Dawes, Warrington or Samsung Manchester Arndale (who'd ship it to Warrington!)

Now I wouldn't waste time trying to get it diagnosed now it's out of warranty, it will prob just sit around until it fully breaks.

I stated it's now an expensive paperweight & I'm still standing firm on that statement.

The issues I've posted about in the members group have stopped me from enjoying the use of this product, first time ever in being a Samsung user for 15yrs or more, so don't expect any help from Samsung regarding this.

Also noticed the newer S6 doesn't seem to come with a keyboard at all? But then again they are trying to push the new Pro Go "Laptop" out 🤔

Until then only thing I can suggest is using the onscreen keyboard, if the keyboard key will work to bring it up then great, it not then you'll have to go through the settings menu & choose the onscreen keyboard option & turn it on.