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suggestions for bulletproof case for s7 edge..iv broken front screen twice and rear glass cover un just over a year. cant find

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anyone suggest a case that actually has all round protection..not just a raised edge? i dont care how bulky or ugly it is..just need a strong case that protects the screen


If you want a really rugged case I would recommend the Otterbox case which protects both the back & the screen. The only downside is that it's not waterproof and it is big. Because of its size I bought a wallet style case after the Otterbox and haven't had any issues.


The Otterbox case It comes with a belt clip which the case connects to.


If you're in the UK you can have my old case as I've upgraded to a Note 9 and no longer need the Otterbox case - just send me an address.




thanks ..that is most appreciated. Include your address so i can pay postage. my details are *****


Hi @simon46. We've edited your personal details from your post to keep your info safe. If you want to exchange address details just send GOF_MOTBO a Private Message with them. :smiling-face:

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