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Smart tag

(Topic created on: 2 weeks ago)
Hi all I have a smart tag I used to use on my dog but upgraded to a different tracker.

I have now got a use for the tag so I found it and tried to get it going again

New bettery inserted
Factory reset completed with steps given
Removed old data/link because it wasn't connecting
Again reset 
Absolutely won't be discovered no matter what I have tried

I press centre button it makes a sound and does nothing else

Any ideas? 
If your Samsung Smart Tag isn't being discovered or responding properly after replacing the battery and performing a factory reset, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

1. **Ensure Bluetooth is Enabled**: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and your smartphone or device is within range of the Smart Tag.

2. **Check Compatibility**: Ensure your device supports the Samsung Smart Tag model you have. Some older devices may not be compatible with newer Smart Tag versions.

3. **Reset Smart Tag Again**: Perform another factory reset on the Smart Tag:
- Press and hold the button on the Smart Tag until the LED indicator flashes red.
- Release the button and wait for the Smart Tag to reset.

4. **Pairing Process**: Follow the correct pairing process for your device:
- Open the SmartThings app or the device-specific app associated with your Smart Tag.
- Follow the app’s instructions to pair the Smart Tag with your device.

5. **Update Firmware**: Ensure the Smart Tag's firmware is up to date. Some issues may be resolved by updating to the latest firmware version through the SmartThings or Samsung Connect app.

6. **Check Battery Installation**: Verify the battery is inserted correctly with the correct polarity (+/-).

7. **Remove and Reinstall SmartThings App**: Sometimes reinstalling the SmartThings app can resolve connectivity issues.

8. **Contact Samsung Support**: If the Smart Tag still isn't working after trying these steps, contact Samsung support for further assistance. There may be hardware issues or additional troubleshooting steps they can provide.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issues with your Samsung Smart Tag.