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SD card needs reformating after phone turned off Galaxy A53 5G

(Topic created on: 30-07-2023 03:29 PM)
First Poster

I turned the phone off, when I turned it back on I got the message that the SD card needs to be formatted. First time this happened, I thought the SD card must be corrupted. Second time with a brand new SD card, I'm thinking it's the phone. The phone is a dual SIM with the one SIM slot doubling as an SD slot and perhaps this doesn't work as well as expected, as I've now lost all recent pictures again, unless I want to pay to have them retrieved. Anyone else have this problem and found a solution? My computer can see the SD card but won't open it either (wants to format it). Occasionally I do turn off my phone so this isn't tenable!!! 

Big Cheese
I don't think you can use a SD card in a sim slot even throu you have two sims. The SD cards are bigger than a sim. I have a tablet S8 and it holds a sim and a sd card slot but the sd card slot is in a different place as it needs a larger card.