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Samsung Z Fold 5 Cases

(Topic created on: 30-08-2023 12:53 PM)
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I have just purchased a Z Fold 5 & Eco case. I have fitted the case, the rear clips on and the front (round external screen) has double sided stick on tape. My question is how do you get to the sim because if removing the front case it will not stick back on again. I have spoken to Samsung customer care in Philippine which said all samsung cases are stuck on and there's nothing they can do. I RECOMMENDED KNOWONE PURCHASES A SAMSUNG CASE AS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. 
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The problem is that because there's very little to hold the front part of the cases in place, and keep it rigid. The only real thing to use is the sticky tape
Ive taken mine off a couple of times and it sticks back on ok.
Without the sticky tape, the front will keep moving about on the frame and will scratch it up.
Or like with other brands of cases, in a fall it comes off as happened on my Fold 3
I must admit that I'm somewhat bemused by the lack of decent cases on the market. Often they are really bulky.
I keep going back to the Samsung Official cases, as they fit perfectly and acceptable for me.
If you have a preferred decent one, I'd be interested to hear