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S8 Clear View Cover - not showing notification icons

(Topic created on: 21-09-2017 10:19 AM)

Hi ALl, 


I am really frustrated by this and I am either hoping someone will help.... 


I have purchased a clear view case for my brand new S8 but when the cover is closed I don't receive any notificates just a date/time. I have tried alsorts of settings to make notificates appear but have failed. 


The advertising for the clear view case suggests that notifications are shown and you can 'interact' with the phone while the case is closed, this DOESN'T appear to be the case only when the cover is open. The only thing you can do is answer/reject calls and snooze/dismiss alarms with closed cover. 


If this is the case I think Samsung have been very misleading with their advertising because this was the reason I paid an awful amount of money for this..


Another thing that winds me up is the cler view case works as a stand but lock/home screens don't display in landscape just portrait... This just seems ridiculous if you have a nice cover with stand feature... I have to turn my head (joking) to read the screen!!!


My S7 edge was great my S View cover allowed me to do alsort.. Make calls, use camera, and so on... 


I appear to have spent money on something that pretty useless.... 


Can anyone help or do they have the same frustrations after purchasing this case?/


Many thanks