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S22 ULTRA 3rd Party Case Warning ⚠️

(Topic created on: 27-02-2022 05:13 PM)
In an attempt to help others I thought if would be useful to tell others of my experiences with 3rd Party Cases. If like me, you like a Folio/Wallet type case. Be aware that those that have the magic lock on the side adversely effect the SPen functionality,  in that it will not work when within a cm of the edge of the case or wherever the magnetic locking is located.  I found this out a while ago when I had problems with my Note 20. A very "on the ball" tech guy at Samsung spent over an hour fault finding, the said "hand on, does your case  have a  magnet on the side"? I noticed similar issues trying to find a decent case on Amazon (other 3rd party sellers available). If your are having SPen issues try removing the case. Hope this helps
I noticed this a few years ago with the note 8, if i want a walket case for this brand new phone it will need to close with a clasp but i find alot of them so ugly. The clasps i mean
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Interesting.... I've had a Torro case on my s21 ultra for a year with no adverse effects to an s-pen...bought another for s22 ultra
As far as I'm aware it only affects case that have magnets built into the case. I have actually tested this on a number of cases and it definitely effects the functionality of the SPen. Why as its Bluetooth I don't know. But there you go.
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Hello @Jon7703 


Thank you for sharing your heads up on this 👍

A few years ago I came across similar findings by owners and I'm sure it was in some tech articles online.

Ever since then I've stayed clear of case's with inbuilt magnets.

I use a vertical holster with belt clip to carry my phone around due to the nature of my workplace, and that had a magnet in the flap.

I immediately carefully extracted that from the flap and fixed some velcro in place instead.

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