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S view after oreo update


Anyone else not able to make calls or take photos whilst using the s view cover after updating to oreo?  

It was really useful to be able to take photos with the cover closed and have a small screen to view the picture. After this update my 20 quid phone cover is pretty useless. How do you downgrade??


Same here. Please fix it!!
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I use s-view window very often for camera, read notifications, facebook messenger, texts and also check if i am connected to wifi or 4g, don't understand why did they even remove it, if is because lack of user using it, why not make a setting for those don't ike it to disable it, now the s-view cover is pretty much useless, the whole UI is also getting worse and worse.

the development teams have been working hard on improving their products, and came out with this *****? I have been using samsung for more than 8 years, guess it is time to move on to other brands......

Dam# you Samsung! After newest security Oreo update my phone started to work like sh#t. One big lag and hang mixed with process crashing. Looks like you are doing This on purpose to make people buy new phones. This was last thing I could take. Reverted back to debranded Nougat and my phone works fast again. And my Cover again is working as it should. No,I will not buy any Samsung ever again. Sorry. :smiling-face:


Still no bugfix or even an official statement from Samsung.

It isn't possible to downgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat due to the new bootloader.  S View covers are no longer developed, so I think it's intended that some features from the cover were removed...



No comment Icons are still missing. What to do? Return device to complaint? It's ridicule to customers.



Hello All.


I don't know if anyone ever posted a solution to this, but here you go.

This sounds stupid, but this is the soloution.  The feature has not been removed. The way S-view works is by use of magnets in the phone and cover. It activates when the cover is placed onto the phone.  Sometimes during updates, this activation gets reset.  All you need to do is pop your phone out of the cover, then pop is back in and voila ... s-view activated again!


I don't know if Samsung ever posted a response in this thread, but it's pretty sad if they did not.


Cover is working... Kind of. This is not the problem. The problem is in the features that are removed by Samsung. 


The features can still be accessed from the lock screen, just not through S-view.  IMO a minor inconvenience, but that's entirely subjective.


That is not the problem lol, the problems are the features that they have removed from the s view cover, e.g. back then , there was camera, also i can just read and swipe off the text message,notifications without open the cover


Sorry - taking the cover off and putting it back on doesn't work.  If it did, there would be nobody bitching about it.

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